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Killer birthday upgrades


Hella Constipated
Well, my 9700 pro is just too fucking slow for my liking as of late.

Since there will be a shitload of 6-month product cycles until UT2007 launches, I decided to just swap out some shit.

But here's the cool part - I've been wanting an SFF box for ages, and I planned ahead buying my Chaintech 7NIL1 motherboard, which is mATX.

The guts in my huge MGE Viper case will be put into a case the size of a breadbox.

BEHOLD! The Aspire X-QPACK. Nothing but praise from every review I've read.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, all of my modded machines must be BLUE. It's a beatiful, futuristic, non-aggressive color and mixes well with most anything. And God damn it's always been my favorite color, it looks gorgeous on everything.

The video card, an X800XL VIVO, Gigabyte manufacture, is going to sock the shit out of anyone else's machine at LAN's. Everyone who plays with our LAN group runs 9800-performance equivanlent cards, with the exception of Justin's uncle, coolest guy on the planet, and he has a 6800GT.

Believe it or not, that mammoth will fit the case perfectly. But to help prevent overheating:

The highest output PCI slot fan I can find. It will be an intake.

And ahhh, yes. My wimpy 80GB will be used as an OS drive with multiple partitions for Linux, etc.

Now this 200GB Samsung on the other hand, will be for deep storage.

And for the new DVD burner? Nothing other than Lite-On. I accept only the best.

Now about the wimpy Aspire PSU...It's getting swapped out first thing I do. If my ThermalTake 430w will not fit, I'll stick in my Bestec 250w, old reliable, which is actually a 370w PSU but since HP are Nazis it's labeled as 250w.

Stable voltages on that thing. Weighs about four pounds. And I've pushed it up to 370w while running SMP no problem. Boy, THAT was a disaster. Fucking bootleg Athlons.

The Bestec wil be replaced by a Sparkle/Fortron 400w dual 12v rail PSU because like I said, it's a holdoff.

And since the Zalman CNPS-3000+ CPU cooler hasn't a nun's chance in hell in fitting, I'll use one of my old ThermalTake TR2-M1 coolers with AS5 and it should hold down the fort nicely until I get this.

So this beings my final config to:

AMD XP [email protected]+ (190FSB)
1GB PC3200/2100 RAM (124MHz due to FSB and the fact that Crucial sucks balls and their RAM cannot even OC 2MHz!)
Gigabyte X800XL AGP 256MB w/VIVO
Lite-On DVD-DL/DVD+/-RW/CD-RW drive
80GB Western Digital Caviar Special Edition 7200/8MB
200GB Samsung Spinpoint 7200/8MB drive
Mitsumi 1.44MB Floppy Drive
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card
Chaintech 7NIL1 Motherboard - nForce2 Ultra 400
Generic ALi 6-port USB 2.0/2-port Firewire PCI card

Not too shabby huh ;)?