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Kitana Drama.


Well folks, it started again tonight with Kitana, and I will admit it's my fault.

I didn't censor out Descent's sig link to a ytmnd that Kit found offensive, racist, and just plain wrong.

I apologize. I am a shitty mod. I can't think for myself. Kit was truley correct in every one sided, closed minded, bullshit argument she made.


Lost Soul
Just to add more detail to this:

Sep 19 02:07:41 _Kitana_ Is there a Mod up?
Sep 19 02:07:42 BrIONwosh That's just funny.
Sep 19 02:07:45 * ||MaX|| gives voice to _Kitana_
Sep 19 02:07:55 BrIONwosh Whatcha need Kit?
Sep 19 02:08:11 |Taylor| Sup kit
Sep 19 02:08:17 _Kitana_ Just wondering if any of you have clicked on Descent sig?
Sep 19 02:08:24 BrIONwosh Hmm.
Sep 19 02:08:26 BrIONwosh Nope.
Sep 19 02:08:31 |Taylor| one sec
Sep 19 02:08:38 FzM lol; descent
Sep 19 02:08:44 FzM what an uneducated little fuck
Sep 19 02:08:44 _Kitana_
Sep 19 02:09:03 |Taylor| wtf
Sep 19 02:09:03 MaxPower |Taylor|
Sep 19 02:09:04 Z3roC0ol |Taylor|
Sep 19 02:09:07 BrIONwosh yeah.... trying to load it now...
Sep 19 02:09:16 BrIONwosh dunno if it's going to on my slow ass Dial-up...
Sep 19 02:09:16 |Taylor| dial up, bw?
Sep 19 02:09:21 |Taylor| ahh
Sep 19 02:09:35 _Kitana_ Let me explain what it is.
Sep 19 02:09:38 BrIONwosh Yup.
Sep 19 02:09:43 BrIONwosh Dial-up...
Sep 19 02:09:43 BrIONwosh I'm at home.
Sep 19 02:09:45 _Kitana_ First one is a pit full of dead bodies from WWII...
Sep 19 02:09:47 BrIONwosh I see the images...
Sep 19 02:09:52 _Kitana_ with a little saying Ohhhhhh a pit lol
Sep 19 02:09:55 BrIONwosh It's just taking a while to load.
Sep 19 02:10:25 _Kitana_ second one is from vietnam or Japanese Camps here in America, with a saying "Iam god LOL"
Sep 19 02:10:54 _Kitana_ third is the towers crashing and people trying to flee the dust clouds with "You can't run faster than me lol"
Sep 19 02:11:12 |Taylor| with the song "my god is an awesome god" no less. :\
Sep 19 02:11:22 _Kitana_ Music doesn't play
Sep 19 02:11:27 |Taylor| does for me
Sep 19 02:11:33 BrIONwosh Oh the irony.
Sep 19 02:11:36 FzM it plays for me, super fast
Sep 19 02:11:42 |Taylor| indeed
Sep 19 02:11:45 _Kitana_ I don't have the plugs
Sep 19 02:11:49 _Kitana_ so I can't hear the music
Sep 19 02:11:55 |Taylor| oh i see
Sep 19 02:12:20 |Taylor| Can anyone here help me with a technical issue, real quick?
Sep 19 02:12:33 FzM whatcha got? >
Sep 19 02:12:49 _Kitana_ You know... I somehow don't think that sig needs to be displayed on
Sep 19 02:13:06 _Kitana_ But than that is Jason and Brit and other mods call
Sep 19 02:13:09 BrIONwosh Because...?
Sep 19 02:13:11 _Kitana_ so bring it up to them please
Sep 19 02:13:13 |Taylor| I keep randomly getting signed off the site. BRiT said earlier, it may be my settings. Any ideas on what settings, or anything else I may need to change to prevent this?
Sep 19 02:13:15 _Kitana_ Because?
Sep 19 02:13:41 BrIONwosh Yes.
Sep 19 02:13:46 BrIONwosh Why?
Sep 19 02:13:53 |Taylor| as in: How come?
Sep 19 02:13:55 BrIONwosh I personally see nothing wrong with it.
Sep 19 02:13:55 _Kitana_ 6 million people dieing to a terrorist nazi german is not something to make fun of, 3,000 people dieing in the trade center is not something to laugh at
Sep 19 02:14:04 FzM sounds maybe like your cookies are being cleared?
Sep 19 02:14:13 _Kitana_ however many died in south asia is not something to laugh at
Sep 19 02:14:21 BrIONwosh Just because you and I don't see humor in it doesn't mean others won't.
Sep 19 02:14:28 _Kitana_ the crimes that America did against the Japs is nothing to be humor about
Sep 19 02:14:31 |Taylor| FZM: I have no clue. My cookies are cleared though.
Sep 19 02:14:47 FzM what browser are you using?
Sep 19 02:14:49 |Taylor| FF
Sep 19 02:15:01 |Taylor| THough, it also happens on my Yahoo browser
Sep 19 02:15:07 BrIONwosh You do have the little "remember me" box checked correct?
Sep 19 02:15:08 _Kitana_ Hmm.. those are the people you want attracked to the board. How about it falls under racsim.
Sep 19 02:15:15 _Kitana_ Racism against life
Sep 19 02:15:19 _Kitana_ Jews
Sep 19 02:15:21 _Kitana_ White
Sep 19 02:15:24 _Kitana_ Japs
Sep 19 02:15:31 BrIONwosh How is it racist?
Sep 19 02:15:34 |Taylor| BW: no I don't. I'll try clicking it though
Sep 19 02:15:43 BrIONwosh ha ha
Sep 19 02:15:45 FzM yeah you need that :)
Sep 19 02:15:46 _Kitana_ You laugh at 6 million jews dieing
Sep 19 02:15:51 BrIONwosh That's why you keep getting loggd out.
Sep 19 02:15:56 _Kitana_ that tells me you agree with the nazi scum bags that kill them
Sep 19 02:15:57 FzM to be checked*
Sep 19 02:15:58 BrIONwosh No I laugh at Taylor.
Sep 19 02:15:59 * |Taylor| feels really small right now
Sep 19 02:16:01 |Taylor| lol
Sep 19 02:16:06 BrIONwosh And Kit.
Sep 19 02:16:20 BrIONwosh I can see where some people find humor in that page.
Sep 19 02:16:23 _Kitana_ This isn't disliking Descent
Sep 19 02:16:25 _Kitana_ WTF
Sep 19 02:16:25 MaxPower _Kitana_
Sep 19 02:16:26 Z3roC0ol _Kitana_
Sep 19 02:16:29 FzM Descent is a fucked up kid, and will always be fucked up. Just pay him no attention and put him on your ignore list
Sep 19 02:16:30 _Kitana_ you can see HUMOR
Sep 19 02:16:36 _Kitana_ in DEATH OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE
Sep 19 02:16:45 |Taylor| No, he can see WHERE OTHERS might see the humor
Sep 19 02:16:49 |Taylor| that;s what he said
Sep 19 02:16:51 BrIONwosh You know,
Sep 19 02:17:03 _Kitana_ I SEE NO HUMOR in it... I can see where i would not laugh at something like that.
Sep 19 02:17:04 BrIONwosh your one sided biggotry is what made you a crappy mod.
Sep 19 02:17:13 |Taylor| lol
Sep 19 02:17:14 _Kitana_ Do you even know why i lost mod powers
Sep 19 02:17:15 FzM :lol:
Sep 19 02:17:21 _Kitana_ Over what reasons
Sep 19 02:17:27 _Kitana_ I am sure Jason and Brit said huh?
Sep 19 02:17:33 _Kitana_ I gave them... basically
Sep 19 02:17:44 BrIONwosh Gahhh.
Sep 19 02:17:58 BrIONwosh I thought you were a crappy mod the moment you changed my avatar.
Sep 19 02:17:59 _Kitana_ I didn't give Jason and Brit a picture of me with my hair in pig tails saying wtf made me what I am
Sep 19 02:18:18 FzM shiiiiiiiit
Sep 19 02:18:21 _Kitana_ After I said I would
Sep 19 02:18:24 FzM is that what it takes to be a mod?
Sep 19 02:18:26 _Kitana_ Thats what lost my mod powers
Sep 19 02:18:32 * FzM gets out digital camera
Sep 19 02:18:38 |Taylor| lol
Sep 19 02:18:57 _Kitana_ Jason gave me one week to give the photo to him or he would take my mod power
Sep 19 02:19:04 BrIONwosh Hmm.
Sep 19 02:19:04 _Kitana_ I said you can't be serious and he was like yes I can
Sep 19 02:19:10 _Kitana_ and I said well you better take them away now
Sep 19 02:19:16 _Kitana_ It's in my aim history
Sep 19 02:19:20 BrIONwosh ha ha
Sep 19 02:19:22 BrIONwosh K.
Sep 19 02:19:29 BrIONwosh <==cares
Sep 19 02:19:48 BrIONwosh I personally won't do anything about the sig myself, as I see nothing wrong with it.
Sep 19 02:19:55 _Kitana_ You wouldn't
Sep 19 02:20:01 BrIONwosh But, I shall pass along a message to Jason and BRiT.
Sep 19 02:20:13 BrIONwosh Do I agree with the message?
Sep 19 02:20:14 BrIONwosh No.
Sep 19 02:20:28 _Kitana_ Not agree nor disagree
Sep 19 02:20:34 |Taylor| I concur. It breaks no rules. It may not be funny to me personally, but it's not harming anything, it's just his opinion
Sep 19 02:20:35 BrIONwosh Do I agree with the censoring of stuff I dont' agree with on a strictly arbitary basis?
Sep 19 02:20:37 BrIONwosh No.
Sep 19 02:21:01 _Kitana_ its about first; the fact it is racist... second it on a highly sentive subject.
Sep 19 02:21:10 BrIONwosh IT IS NOT RACIST>
Sep 19 02:21:16 _Kitana_ How is it not
Sep 19 02:21:17 |Taylor| racist? How so?
Sep 19 02:21:22 BrIONwosh If it were, then the fucking Holocost museum is racist.
Sep 19 02:21:29 _Kitana_ How is that first picture not racsit?
Sep 19 02:21:45 BrIONwosh How is it?
Sep 19 02:21:47 BrIONwosh HOW?
Sep 19 02:21:48 FzM it's in every history book in the world
Sep 19 02:21:52 FzM !!
Sep 19 02:21:54 BrIONwosh Do you know it's Jews?
Sep 19 02:22:01 FzM all of those pictures are in history books
Sep 19 02:22:02 _Kitana_ Does the Holocost museum show a picture of the jews dieing play "Our god is an awesome god" with the letters lol standing for laugh out loud?
Sep 19 02:22:02 BrIONwosh Do you know anything about hte picture?
Sep 19 02:22:06 FzM and the authors are racist huh?
Sep 19 02:22:23 |Taylor| If that's racist, then every history book in the nation is fucking racist.
Sep 19 02:22:25 _Kitana_ Yes I know a lot about the picture
Sep 19 02:22:30 _Kitana_ it comes out of the time life book
Sep 19 02:22:37 _Kitana_ Actually I have it in my din
Sep 19 02:22:37 FzM so Time Life is racist?
Sep 19 02:22:44 BrIONwosh You racist.
Sep 19 02:22:50 FzM lol.exe
Sep 19 02:22:53 _Kitana_ NO Putting "LOL" making a mockery out of it and laughing at it is
Sep 19 02:22:59 _Kitana_ It like saying those jews desvered to die
Sep 19 02:23:01 FzM No
Sep 19 02:23:06 _Kitana_ Really
Sep 19 02:23:10 _Kitana_ so the letters lol
Sep 19 02:23:13 _Kitana_ on a pit of dead jews
Sep 19 02:23:14 BrIONwosh You, or I cannot control other people's reaction to anyhting.
Sep 19 02:23:23 FzM it's saying that if there is a god, how could he let that happen!!!!!!
Sep 19 02:23:40 BrIONwosh and the fact that you think someone should control how and what people are allowed to think, really bothers me.
Sep 19 02:23:41 FzM he's is voicing his opinion on Religion and not on the actions of people!
Sep 19 02:23:49 |Taylor| no shit
Sep 19 02:24:11 BrIONwosh Word: "God wouldn't let this happen"
Sep 19 02:24:12 _Kitana_ I don't think I should control how someone thinks Brian
Sep 19 02:24:17 BrIONwosh ha ha
Sep 19 02:24:19 |Taylor| Kit, don't you think you're being a tad bit rediculous?
Sep 19 02:24:20 BrIONwosh Yes you do.
Sep 19 02:24:32 _Kitana_ Than he should of used "god shouldn't of let this happen"
Sep 19 02:24:39 _Kitana_ if he did... no problem
Sep 19 02:24:40 _Kitana_ he put
Sep 19 02:24:45 _Kitana_ Ohpits, lol
Sep 19 02:24:46 |Taylor| He did, in a sarcastic mannor
Sep 19 02:24:48 _Kitana_ ohpits, lol
Sep 19 02:24:57 * ladyvic ([email protected]) has joined
Sep 19 02:24:57 * MaxPower gives voice to ladyvic
Sep 19 02:25:01 * |BRiT| gives voice to ladyvic
Sep 19 02:25:42 _Kitana_ I see it as being racist... I see making a joke out of 6 million (this is just jews) dieing a bit racist.
Sep 19 02:25:55 _Kitana_ ignorant and just plan disgrace
Sep 19 02:26:01 BrIONwosh I agree.
Sep 19 02:26:15 BrIONwosh It's ignorant, and retarded.
Sep 19 02:26:20 BrIONwosh But not racist.
Sep 19 02:26:27 |Taylor| Agreed.
Sep 19 02:26:27 BrIONwosh He's not saying death to all Jews.
Sep 19 02:26:44 |Taylor| Kit, You're being a tad bit closed minded
Sep 19 02:26:46 _Kitana_ So what does OH, a pit. LOL mean
Sep 19 02:26:51 _Kitana_ if i posted that picture up
Sep 19 02:26:57 _Kitana_ and said look a pit lol
Sep 19 02:27:01 _Kitana_ would u lock a thread like that
Sep 19 02:27:21 _Kitana_ IF I POSTED A PICTURE UP LIKE THAT AND PUT OH, A PIT LOL would u lock the damn thread or not?
Sep 19 02:27:37 BrIONwosh Dunno.
Sep 19 02:27:38 BrIONwosh Go try.
Sep 19 02:27:41 |Taylor| lol
Sep 19 02:27:51 _Kitana_ Thats what makes u a shity mod brian
Sep 19 02:27:55 BrIONwosh Thanks.
Sep 19 02:28:03 _Kitana_ You can't think for yourself
Sep 19 02:28:06 BrIONwosh ha ha
Sep 19 02:28:09 BrIONwosh Yes I can.
Sep 19 02:28:09 FzM lol
Sep 19 02:28:14 _Kitana_ No not really
Sep 19 02:28:19 BrIONwosh I do think for myself.
Sep 19 02:28:21 BrIONwosh I dont' think for others.
Sep 19 02:28:22 |Taylor| Brian.... you don't like cookies!
Sep 19 02:28:23 FzM kit, you cant let other people think for themselves
Sep 19 02:28:24 _Kitana_ I can't remove it because they might see humor in that
Sep 19 02:28:37 _Kitana_ gayest copout ever
Sep 19 02:28:41 BrIONwosh You idiot.
Sep 19 02:28:44 |Taylor| No, because it breaks no rules
Sep 19 02:28:45 _Kitana_ Its a disgrace and wrong
Sep 19 02:28:48 FzM if they dont agree with you, then they are evil and must be banned
Sep 19 02:28:51 _Kitana_ It does break a rule racist
Sep 19 02:28:58 BrIONwosh NO IT DOESNT
Sep 19 02:29:01 |Taylor| it is a disgrace, it is retarded...agreed. BUT IT IS NOT RACIST.
Sep 19 02:29:01 _Kitana_ if you can't say I would ban a thread that makes fun of jews dieing
Sep 19 02:29:05 FzM the damn thing is not about Race
Sep 19 02:29:08 BrIONwosh That's a copout.
Sep 19 02:29:09 FzM its about religions!
Sep 19 02:29:13 _Kitana_ ITS NOT ABOUT ANYTHING
Sep 19 02:29:21 BrIONwosh If you're blind.
Sep 19 02:29:25 BrIONwosh and deaf.
Sep 19 02:29:26 _Kitana_ so being racist against the christain relgion does not fall under racism
Sep 19 02:29:39 _Kitana_ Why is it that it is a double standard
Sep 19 02:29:41 BrIONwosh Yes.
Sep 19 02:29:44 BrIONwosh Kill all agnostics.
Sep 19 02:29:47 |Taylor| lol
Sep 19 02:29:49 BrIONwosh Oops.
Sep 19 02:29:56 BrIONwosh I mean agnostics are all racists.
Sep 19 02:30:18 * FzM has quit ()
Sep 19 02:30:31 |Taylor| later FZm
Sep 19 02:30:40 * BrIONwosh waves to FzM
Sep 19 02:30:48 |Taylor| lol
Sep 19 02:30:53 _Kitana_ No they aren't and its not my point. doing something like this is racist to the highest lvl. Making fun of jews dieing, making fun of japs diening, laughing at the ills of word to say that christains are wrong... boarders racism
Sep 19 02:31:02 _Kitana_ Im sorry you can't see it for any less
Sep 19 02:31:06 _Kitana_ or any more
Sep 19 02:31:12 * _Kitana_ has quit ()


Mr. Ee
God damn BWM. You suck ass. No one likes you now.:rolleyes:

Just kidding man.

You're my hero, and I want to eat your cabbage.


Banned - What an Asshat!
HavokChylde said:
God damn BWM. You suck ass. No one likes you now.:rolleyes:
Well, I never liked his silly ass to begin with.

Here is a trick to dealingwith kit:

Don't worry about it.

That works with other stuff too.


PS: i like teh old smilies better.


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!
Smilies are being replaced, they were dropped in by accident and I haven't changed em yet. :)