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kitana supports death

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I Hate The FCC

Homo est Deus
In the Tal Afar thread in the issues she said "...nothing good comes out of war according to you..." Good job bitch you are the stupidest person I know! You should know that nothing good comes out of war. So what good does come out of war death, debt, mentally changed soldiers? If you didn't know the troops that return home will never be the same. It's just like Vietnam you know. How do you think they will act when they hear a car backfire, they panic memories of Iraq will come flooding back so they will open fir on everyone around. How do you think they will act when they see some Middle Easterners? They will hate them, you dolt. So you think this is good? You're reall smart you ass. :mfinger: :mad:


Look. The Kit bashing is over,ok?
If you don't like her views,don't read them. You have an "Ignore User" option,use it.

There's no need to keep posting threads about this shit.
Not open for further replies.