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KMFDM = Mullet head? Velvetacid = mullet head? NO!


Banned - What an Asshat!
Seems when you have nothing substantive to say you resort to personal attacks. Attacks with a foundation of ignorance, and which failed, miserably.Yes, I so listen to KMFDM, (and MDFMK!) does that make me a mullet head? ...No. Infact, None of KMFDM's music has anything to do with mullets, or mullet heads. KMFDM is in the "German industrial" genre, not country-red neck genre. None of the members of KMFDM have ever had mullets, nor do I. I'm not the one going around calling people "******s" and making jokes about "******s". That's retarded. Infact I'm just the opposite. I don't like "mega death" or "metallica". I'm in to VNV nation, Das ich, Future sounds of london, orbital, icon of coil ect... NONE OF THEM HAVE MULLETS! Isn't it amazing how you can THINK you know soooooo much about a person from an avatar, then it turns out - not only were you completely wrong, but I'm just the opposite. <-- that's a picture of KMFDM a couple years ago, tell me if you see a mullet. All I see is a mohawk and a skin head. <--- thats a picture of fsol (future sounds of london), my favorite band. Again tell me if you see a mullet. Bottom line - You're an idiot, stfu. -Die Mehrheit (aka velvetacid)
bish, metallica is good ><, well...used to be....but now they're all gay because they have that basist that used to be in some wierd ass band and wore hot pink short shorts...but yeah....cliff was what made them good, and they didn't have mullets, just long hair...but uhh yeah, that other shit is leet