knee issues


Ok, i know this isn't very gross, but I fell today on the cement sidewalk in the playground area at work and skinned my knee. But instead of swearing around the kids I just rolled over into the rubber pieces. (The cement goes in a circle around the playground and inside that circle is like shredded tired and stuff.) All the kids looked at me like, Oh shit. The teacher fell. Until this little girl Madalyn goes, "teacher, you gots rubber in your hair." so cute. But anyway. I cleaned it out there and put a bandaid on it and it stung like a bitch. But when I finally got home like 4 hours later I put hydrogen peroxide on it and almost passed out cuz it hurt so badly. So now I have first aid cream on it so it doesn't get infected. But I can't put another bandaid on it cuz I'm allergic to laytex. :(


Click click boom
that sucks hardcore. i've had knee problems for about 5 or 6 years now, only it's internal. i have a piece of cartiledge that likes to get wedged btwn the joints in my left left. try to play sports with shit like that going on every 5 seconds, it sux. so i gotta stop, push it back in (looks real real nasty) then i MIGHT get to go again.

long story short, i hope you feel better :thumbsup: