Lost Soul
Welcome to reality
An intellectually stimulating locality
Where dreams are realized through the strength of ones mentality

Strength gained by the thirst for knowledge
Yet, to most knowledge is considered a formality
Second to the worlds never-ending war over money, and power
Power obtained through deception, and barbaric brutality

Why do people yearn
for power
Without the willingness
To scour ……

For information

Knowledge is key
Without it we are the proverbial boat, lost at sea
Blinded by our own stupidity,
forever casualties of the power hungry war of greed

Maybe, I’m alone in the fact that I would rather be poor and intelligent, then ignorant and rich
Maybe, I’m just ranting, raving, and carrying on, like a little bitch

I simple think people should not suppress
their own future
they should not become obsessed
With money, power, and fame

Don’t let your dreams be ruined by a lack of education
You have the power with in you, to make your dreams a reality
Follow your mind, not temptation
Don’t fall victim to compromising who you are, or your morality