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Korean Company GamePark Announces GPX2 Handheld


Hella Constipated
[font=Arial,Helvetica]Gamepark says that in addition to native games, the GPX2-F100's Linux environment enables it to run a variety of game emulators, including MAME, SNES, Genesis, and PC Engine.[/font]
MMMMMmmmmm....Handheld SNES...*Drools*

Now THAT is an interesting piece of technology. It can even play movies like the PSP!

Handheld leaked StarFox 2 Beta = Win.

I am soooo buying one of these. Streaming every 16-bit console game I own onto one handheld device is beyond tempting, it's totally badass.

And it can run anything else made for ARM Linux, as well! Totally sexy. I dig it.
Look interesting. i must research it more. and see if its coming to canada. but yeah the capabilities that it has is sweet. i know lots off peopl e bought the psp just to use the music and movie capabilites while also playing games. this might take a little bit of competition from playstations psp