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Lame friends

What the hell is with friends that like, are practically in love with eachother, and then ignore you, and then you finally confront them, and they say nothing is wrong, that they're not mad at you, and they even try to make these justifications, but then they still act the same freaking way, and then ask you what's wrong? Do they not realize that they're doing it again, or where they just lying all along and didn't want to address the issue, so that's why they pretended like there wasn't any problem? And if they really do have some bone to pick with me for whatever reason, is it something I actually did, or do they just genuinely not like me as much as they do eachother? WTF?! Then the one just today sends me this stupid chain letter or whatever that's like, "True friends, blah, blah, blah..." She probably just did it because it said if you didn't send it to eight people, you would have bad luck forever or something stupid.:mad:
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Take the Bus , BITCH !!
man lame friends are the suckes think on earth !!
i mean when you can't rely on freinds than who you can rely to ?? no one !


Domesticated Savage
1ct-on! said:
i mean when you can't rely on freinds than who you can rely to ?? no one !

Forgive the intrusion but this is why you posted here was to gather opinions. There are thungs you should begin to look at in your life and it seems like you know these things exist but you don't want to allow them to manifest. Not yet ready to walk out of illusions because you feel that the mirage is actually a spring of water. You are overlooking an issue that you have. Maybe you need to think about exactly what is bothering you in your life first before you single out what is bothering you about your friends' lives. It all takes time and nobody can nor will do it for you (sorry that's life) so seek answers to your problems and find answers you didn't expect.

Pm if you wish to hear more from me.:thumbsup: