Shiva-Destroyer of Worlds
The night was thoughtless with its brother's demise
The little whispers crying out in despise

I thought I heard the creeping of my friend draw near
But it was naught but my subjectified fear

I set the table and I poured out some wine
The seconds marching like the sheep in a fine line

I wash my hands reciprocating the day
Then I saw my life as it's fading away
My friend is here
no more tears
My eyes are clear, but they don't see

The words I seek
I cannot speak
the world is bleak, but it's just for me

It all turned black
when I look back
I will lack a life of my own

There's no more time
Now draw the line
But will I find a chance to atone
Will I be idle or will I be an ideal
Antiquity has past while the future is on reel

Chimerical laughter and fantastical eyes
Vilification of theocratical lies

The screams of the dumb are now falling on deaf ears
My friend and I are stuck with these eternal years

His silver frown is stained with years of his life
His frozen heart has begun to lead me to the light
His stoic style
Fictitious guile
a plastic smile steals over my face

I subjugate
and berate
and recreate the beliefs I replace

The roof of stone
leaves me alone
my fiery bones are chilled to the core

All I have done
and that I have won
it all weighs a ton, but I still want more
Hello, my friend, are we where we belong

Help me get up, show me my beginning

Bathing in life, sing me a passing song

Passion, tearing, condign a life that's dimming

Loquacious, silent, lend me a tongue to speak

Diction, Knowledge, lexical competence

Troubled, hopeless, daze through days, weak by week

Blinded, thoughtless, I've lost my intelligence
I can't accept this, but I can't escape
I can't except this, can't reciprocate
Is this fallacious or is this my fate
Can I retrogress or is it all too late

I red the river and wait for a sign
This life I have lost was squandered through time
My heart now is black and becomes more malign
I face my friend and know I'll pay for my crimes