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Last night.


Mr. Ee
Last night I dreamt,
Of a woman so pure,
The diseases of the many,
This one was my cure.

I ached for my dreams,
To be true,
I ache for someone,
That isn't you.

A psycho,
A witch,
Who has shattered my soul.
I've lost my edge,
Because of your cold.

You're cold to the bone,
You've ruined a life,
I ache for my dreams,
For a real wife.

A love,
Without all the greed,
I crave for a woman,
Who let's me feed.

Feed off her beauty,
And feed off her grace,
Not some evil slut,
Who feeds her fat face.


Not bad, some of the language isn't usually used by an artist but that adds a unique flavor to it.