Leading me on


Flame Bait
Ok. hows this for PATHETIC.

let me start off by saying that my girlfriend is an idiot.
i mean a real idiot. her nickname as a kid was stupid and she still is, i have known her a long time before i got with her so i know.

now im at work.....and this hot chick, i mean hot. i know her well, we have chilled, i helped her move, we used to chill.
i know her boyfriend hes cool but they not together anymore.
she comes in the mailroom (where i work) and says hey why dont you get rid of ur lame ass girlfriend she is so stupid.

im like, "yea? then who am i gonna get with then?"

she says what about "whats her name" im like naaah this other guy likes her and im not gonna run up on someone he likes.

she says well what about me? im like yea right ur with that one dude.
she says "im not with him anymore"
im like yea yea yea u sure are.
she says she is not
i say she is and it goes for about 5 mins then she left.

i emailed her and asked her"are you serious? or are you leading me on, ur leading me on right?"

she says no im serious. i dont belive her tho because people thought we fucked one time and she was like ewww him? naaaaaaaaah.
sooo i knew not to fall for this trick.

so the next day i asked her again. are you leading me on? she says no then im like fuck it. il ditch my girl right now and send her stupid ass on her way if your serious.


the fucking EMAIL server goes down. im like OF COURSE what a good time for this shit.

so she called and asked if i wanted to go and get this box for her from warehouse. im like aight. she said i got ur email....i replied but server was down.

i asked what did you reply???

she said ow i cant get with someone i work with ive done that to many time........


1:dont trust any bitch no matter how cool she is

2:dont get riled up and exited over possible bullshit (however show interest)

just dont let it get to you

they are all bitches but we gotta love them.

once a girl told me
the difference between a slut and a bitch

a slut fucks everyone

a bitch fucks everyone but you.

just some food for thought.


Black Flame

Mayhem on the Loose
a slut fucks everyone

a bitch fucks everyone but you.

haha, i like that.

anyway, yup, that's majority of women for ya. they like to be a tease, god knows why. i like the solution, get her drunk, take advantage of that plastered ho and video tape it, then show it to whoever doesn't believe you. if your g/f's an idiot, it shouldn't matter whether or not she finds out. if she's all like, "you slept with another woman!" be like, "no i didn't, you're just stupid." and she won't know what to say to that.. cuz she's an idiot. =D lol.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Omg, thats so true.
And I've had a bitch do the same thing, "Oh, I'm not with him anymore" 10 minutes later, he starts kissing on her. What a slut.


That Guy
so... lemme get this straight...

you hate your girlfriend, but you're staying with her.

lemme ask you a question...

are you one of those desparate guys who stay with their g/f in case they never find another?



Banned - What an Asshat!
Ouch man.. Ouch.. I wouldn't have fallen for a cheap human trick like that.. If you don't like your gf then just don't stay with her anyways.. Seduce that other bitch and get her back for it..