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Let me tell you a little story

Captain 151

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My girlfriend of almost 3 years had to get surgury to take out her wisdom teeth this morning.

2 days ago, we were hanging out together, and she asked me what i was doing tomarrow (yesterday), and I said I would be chillin with some of my friends after work. and said "oh, ok". not very enthused about it, im sure, but I had already made these plans.

Yesterday, I am at work, i get a text message on my phone "surgury tomarrow, are we hanging out tonight?" from my girlfriend. I text back "Good luck, youll be fine, no I'm hanging out with kevin tonight, talk to you later!"

Late that night, while I am admittedly high as a kite, she calls me incensed out of her mind, yelling at me why didnt i want to be with her the day before her surgery. I said "Ok, lady, first of all, its MINOR surgury, and youll be fine, second of all i already told you about this." She hung up on me.

Today, i called her numourous times, sent her a text, and signed online looking for her to find out how the tooth-pull went. I got nothing.

Then, a little while ago, she calls me wanting to know why i never called, why i dont care, etc etc etc. I keep trying to explain to her but the laughing gas must have went to her head. i am frustrated. :(


~*Ruler Of Chickenz*~
Ouch, that sucks. You should tell her your sorry you weren't there for her minor tooth-pull surgery. But it's kinda stupid that she went all psycho over it. If she won't let something that small go, then you should just leave her.


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Chickenzrule said:
Ouch, that sucks. You should tell her your sorry you weren't there for her minor tooth-pull surgery. But it's kinda stupid that she went all psycho over it. If she won't let something that small go, then you should just leave her.
agreed and maybe do wut she's doing to you. SO like acuse (sp) of her saying that you can't have friends and bullshit like that. If you've been together 3 years I'm guessing she doesn't wanna break up with you unless it's for a good reason, but I may be wrong =/


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well thats a chic for yah isnt it boyz?
Sounds like a clingy drama queen to me. But hey, could be worse, right? Help her understand that you did call her many times to see how the dentist visit went. Don't accuse her of anything. There's no need to start a another fight. Just sit, talk, and explain yourself thoroughly.


I really did.
Well, even minor sugeries can make people uneasy, even if it was a tooth pull. While it shouldn't have been a problem, since you're her boyfriend she probably likes your company the best out of all her girlfriends, siblings, parents, what ever; She was looking for comfort within you.
Even though you made plans with someone else first, in order to save face you should apoligize (even though we all know you weren't wrong). Along with helping her to understand you did call, you should tell her that it was a bad decision to hang out with Kevin, even if you don't believe it. Your girl problems will end so much quicklier if you just apoligize, I know, it sucks.


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Dude, wtf? Dont appologize for something you didnt do. You had made plans and all, I know..I know..that sometimes you need to let your arm bend but its been three years. To me three years is a looong time, so this would not necesairly be a big issue. You should talk to her, explain your side of the story..tell her that youre there for her that you love her...DO NOT regrets....if you appologize now she'll have you from your balls everytime you do soemthing that remotley comes close to you getting in trouble...its like a bully..they beat you up...take your money...and do it again a week later....everytime you call late...dont answer her messages.....dont see her for a weekend....youre gonna have to appoloigize....this shit happened to me in my last relationship...and trust me it sucked....good luck to ya bro..
G-string said:
Being with your mom doesnt count......... :)
how come every time I'm in the kitchen - you're in the kitchen? Taking all the goddamn good lines..


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YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Story time story time story time.....................That story sucked where is the action. i'm joking....if she is really like that then just spend some time away from her..................