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Lets talk about sex baby!


Hella Constipated
MaxPower said:
What? Wasn't it?
I thought you just sounded a little sarchastic in your first post that I re-read it, I retract my statement.

God I love sick humor.


I did it in a tree once...that was acrobatic skill let me tell you. Did it on a bench at the zoo as well. My advice never do it while looking at the monkey's wierd.


:: What Ebonics ::
TwisT said:
Ex GF wanted to fuck in her parents room while they were gone and I WARNED her...But Hey when she started playin with herself in front of me "Whats a guy to do" so we're gettin it on and right before I blew ,she jumped off, jerked it and BAM!! all over her parents bed.....The funny thing is, about 2 min later mom and pop came home, so she did'nt have time to clean the comforter.

Then she said "Your parents room next", which I replied "HELL NO"..
exact same thing happened to me....we never did it on my parents bed...muahahahah...we did it all over the table...bathroom...hallway....her drive way....strangers driveways...scenic point.....youd give us a clear line a sight and 10 minutes on a good day [ :/ ]
and we got it im lucky she didnt get pregnant.....