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Headlines Liberalism is a Sin? (Catholic crackpot)


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Is Liberalism a Sin?

Liberalism, whether secular or religious, is a sin. In the doctrinal order it is heresy, and consequently a mortal sin against faith. In the practical order it is a sin against the commandments of God and of the Church, for it virtually transgresses all the commandments. To be more precise: in the doctrinal order, Liberalism strikes at the very foundations of faith; it is heresy radical and universal, because within it are all heresies. In the practical order it is a radical and universal violation of the divine law, since it sanctions and authorizes all violations of that law.

Liberalism is a heresy in the doctrinal order, because heresy is the formal and obstinate denial of all Christian dogmas in general. It sets aside dogma and replaces it with opinion. Consequently it denies every doctrine in particular. If we were to examine all the doctrines of Christianity, which, within the range of liberalism, have been denied, we would find every Christian dogma rejected in one way or another, from the dogma of the Incarnation to that of Infallibility.

Nonetheless, Liberalism is in itself dogmatic; and it is in the declaration of its own fundamental dogma, the absolute independence of the individual and the social reason, that it denies all Christian dogmas in general. Catholic dogma is the authoritative declaration of revealed truth, or a truth founded upon revelation, by its infallibly constituted Church. This logically implies the obedient acceptance of the dogma on the part of the individual and of society. Liberalism refuses to acknowledge this rational obedience and denies the authority. It asserts the sovereignty of the individual and the social reason, and enthrones Rationalism in the seat of authority. It knows no dogma except the dogma of self-assertion. Hence, it is radical and fundamental heresy, the rebellion of human intellect against God.
Liberalism denies the absolute jurisdiction of Jesus Christ, who is God, over individuals and over society, and by consequence, repudiates the jurisdiction, which God has delegated to the visible head of the Church over the faithful. It also denies the necessity of divine revelation and the obligation of every person to accept that revelation under pain of eternal damnation. In short, Liberalism sets itself up as the measure and rule of faith, and, so, shuts out revelation altogether. It denies everything which itself does not proclaim. It negates everything it does not affirm. The divinity of Jesus and the Church is beyond comprehension. Liberalism is the radical and universal denial of all divine truth and Christian dogma, and is the supreme rebellion against the authority of God and his Church. With the Evil One, its maxim is: “I will not serve.”
Wow! I feel really bad for people like this, even worse for the followers who buy into this garbage. :(


Original Member
I just laugh at those kind of people.


Hella Constipated
Yeah, the closed minded Christian kind. Boy, if I had some torture devices and a room with of three of those people...


Kiss my Converse
Were'nt the nazi's mostly catholic? I mean except for the ones that worshiped satan.



Resident Conservative
I don't think liberalism is a "sin"... cause.. well.. I don't believe in religion.... extreme liberalism is mental disorder in my opinion thou...


jstager said:
Yeah, the closed minded Christian kind. Boy, if I had some torture devices and a room with of three of those people... I would reinact the Spanish Inquisition!
I know that's what you wanted to say!


DanGeo23 said:
extreme liberalism is mental disorder in my opinion thou...
As well as extreme conservatism... Truth is, extreme anything usually isn't all that great.


Resident Conservative
Religious conservatism is a mental disease too... sorry I didn't make myself clear... the far right is made up of religious crackpots.. you don't have to be religous to be conservative.. I wish people would see that more clearly..


Flame Bait
If you believe in Christianity or anything else that demotes liberalism, then yes it is a sin.

If you don't then obviously no it is not.

Believe what you want to believe and don't let people take that from's not like I really care what anyone else thinks anyway, as long as no real action occurs from it that would affect me.

As for myself? I am almost an "Extreme Moderate" so to speak (yes, I made that up). This mostly means I don't care enough to have an opinion. ;)