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Ok rather long story or kinda confusing and i have trouble with grammar and spelling so i'll try my best.

Ok to get it started me and my girlfriend have been dating for 3 years and living together for about 6? or so months. things going great and a couple months ago she broke up with me saying i was on video games too much(i was) and not with her but i stopped all that and she came back. Well not this sunday that just passed the sunday before that she was complaining about stomach pains so she called her ma and her grandma telling them about it and then my ma found some box of Laxatives. found out my girlfreind for the last month has been taking laxitives before she eats to shit out what she ate because she was scared of gaining weight... she is 5 foot tall and weighed a whopping 108 pounds... so i ask her does she want to go to the hospital and she says that her ma would take her. So she is all crying on my shoulder worried that I was going to break up with her over all this shit but I said we just gotta fix this and she went on and got dressed. She asked me if I would go with her.. Her dad's a cop already threatened to kill me once, so i told her that id go if she wanted me to but id rather not because her dad HATES me. So she said ok but i said call me if you decide you want me to come.
well thats the last time ive seen her. They won't let me talk to her and they got her thinkin that I care about a video game more then her and she thinks she would of died if she didn't go to the hospital.. So she is all mad at me and her family will not let me talk to her so I can get this all straight... she calls me talks for about a good 8 seconds and says I didnt care and such but anyone that knows me knows that if i knew about it I would of stoped it and if i knew it was as bad as her family says we would of been going 100 MPH to the hospital. So I dont know what to do. I cant talk to her, tried all I can think of. and her ex boyfreind is talking to her so im worried he will date her even thought she told me she hates him and he says he doesnt want a girlfriend at all. So Thats bad but it gets worse.
1 week after that to the day my aunt calls me from my ma's cell phone i said fuck... Mother had a heart attack... stress related.. all this shit with me and her work made her have a heart attack. Was only minor but a heart attack is a heart attack. So i cant talk to my girlfreind at all and my mother had a heart attack in 1 week apart.... yea life's a bitch eh?

Just wanted to rant a bit... any idea's? -_-?
man.... reading this i noticed that alot of people including me have no reason to complain about anything.

Your girlfriend seems imature and overall it doesnt seem like she loves you. Parents cant possible make her stop loving you and if you suppose that she will get together with her old boyfriend after she said that she hates him, it seems heartless and egoistic, thinking only about her own interests. I understand that you love her and i can get it all wrong and she might be a good person after all so try to get in touch with her, come to hospital, to her house, what can her parents do? And besides it will clear alot of things up, if she doesnt want to see you, she is not worth it. From your story i cant see what you did wrong because you didnt know what she was doing to her self. And if she cant tell to her loved one whats bothering her, theres probably some deep-seeded problems. And wasnt it evident from just looking at her that she is taking some sort of drug? I mean you should have noticed and raised an issue. Maybe you were too much into games and didnt notice that ur gf weights as much as my 10 yr old brother..... But again, i can only draw ussumptions.

Oh and try to spend some time with ur mother, she needs you more then your gf does at the moment. Look for an argument from ur gf's part on the fact that you spend time with your mother but not her, if such an argument will accur.....u know what to have been probably dealing with lowest form of life.
Well not really I couldnt notice when i first started to date her she weighed 140 and was 5 foot tall. she just started to eat right and not eat junk food and work out some. Her weight didnt change any from the laxitives anyway that i could of noticed
I asked ALL my freinds (she went with me EVERYWHERE) If they noticed anything and none of them noticed it at all. She does have some slight problems i mean who doesnt? But her mother/step father both are VERY VERY insecure. If her step dad leaves her ma has 5 kids to have to take care of
and her step dad HATES to not be in control of something. they are abusive and have there kids on lockdown since age 8.. Except one child
see her mother has 2 kids by her REAL dad and her step dad has 2 by his ex wife and they have 1 together and he gets treated like a king the rest are treated like shit. Ive witness'd it myself. I offered her to leave that house to live with me to get away from mental and physical abuse. I mean it was impossible for me to assume she was doing it. If she was I would of stopped it and anyone that knows me for more then 30 seconds can tell you that. she felt life she was fat because her ma and step dad are overwieght so they press her to be overweight too and she hates to overeat and such But i mean she didnt look unhealthy she just looked normal size. And trust me they are beating it into her brain that im horrible and that a game or a magig the gathering card is more impoartant than her. So she starts to beleive it. She has trouble standing up to people. She was raised like i said in a VERY strict house. I was raised in complete opposite. 99% of the time i asked to do something I did it. Exact opposite for her. she was told to do something if she didnt she was bitch smacked, Or her head was slammed into a refrigerator(seriously) or slammed ont he ground and a trashcan thrown on top of her.. so i mean her mother and father did alot of this emotional shit to her and im trying my best to help the situation best i can. Love fucks you up sometimes doesnt it? I mean she showed me on more then 1 occassion she loved me and i Did for her but her family is so manipulative and crazy they tell her all kinds of shit. they told her for the last 15 years her dad was the worst man ALIVE. I met him and talked to him and so did she.. Nice as he can be.

Also my mother is fine as of right now. Just she is quiting smoking and im always here for her no matter where im at or what im thinking. She will be my mother for eternity. But I got alot of deal with and im trying to fix all of this and just stuck between a Rock a hard place and a 300 pound cop...
You cant help her. She needs therapy and proffesional help. Parents need to be locked up. Cant you get another girl? love? I dont beleave in this. But if theres something realy strong between you and you cant possibly leave without her then get her out of that house. Or try to spend alot of time with her. The less time she spends with her parents the better it is for both of you. Seek means to contact her. I know its hard to turn your back on your own parents but if everything is like youre saying then she must to. Good luck man.


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Wow, that has to suck. How old is your girlfriend anyway, it just seems kind of odd that her parents won't let her see you anymore, even though you lived together for 6 months. Anyway, I am 5.0 and I use to weigh 140 or so, then I started eating right and now I weigh 100-103 n between there. I have been going with my man for 3 1/2 years now. I am 20 turning 21 this summer, he is 23. But you don't need to worry about your ex right not, you need to focus on your mom. No matter how many fights you and your mom ever got into and shit, you need to be with her. I found out the hard way, my mom and I use to fight all the time. Now she has cancer and she is in the hospital again today due to severe chest pains and so on. If you wanna know the details, its in another thread called "My Mom".
im 19 and so is she. I know your thinking I cant possibly love her but while all my other freinds were out fucking random people i was with her talking and spending quality time with her. I mean I do love her in love i dont know about but i know i do love her. Im being with my mother all i can
I work and go school 8-5 5 days a week
she works 5 pm to midngiht about 6 nights a week.. So i try my best here. I want to get her out of this house but with them telling her im this and im that she thinks that its true I mean i know your thinking you wouldnt but i mean she put up with what she was told was the truth for the last 15? or more years. Ive tried to contact her many ways. Trying a couple more And was thinking of accidently knocking out her window and aksing her if she wants out and accidenlty putting her into my car is she wants out and accidently go to my house or a freinds house for a couple days. Accidently of course. But to make things even worse best freind (not really a best freind but like one of the few i have) is moving away in about 2 weeks.. Also I might can get another girl that might be true. but i have a kinda low self esteem. Not trying to sound all cry baby or anyhting but its the way i feel. I feel I cant get anyone and that i was lucky to even get her. I mean that doesnt change the way i feel for her but i just feel that way. Always felt that way since 9th grade. Just can't help it. All my freinds are always too busy to chill with me and i dont have anyone to really talk to about personal things. I cant call one and be like man i need to talk. I mean i can if they were mature enough or enough of a freind to help me out but they aint. So I want more freinds but I dont know really what to do I mean where i live is a social deadzone. So Im literally stuck.
No one else has anyone else to add? Im not sure here because ive come up a idea behind all of this. Sunday that my girlfreind left less thana hour later i was served with a emergency protective order not to contact her in anyway for the next 72 hours.. But she didnt do it her stepdad did.. So i think that he did it and did not tell her that so she thinks i just didnt call..?and then she would get the idea that I dont care. But if i would of tried to call would of went to jail for breaking a court order.. But i just dont know


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XxXRoXoRXxX said:
any idea's? -_-?
Write shorter stories. Maybe then people with ADD like myself will actually read them.

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man, thats terrible. Some people (your gf's dad) can just be so narrow minded sometimes. Once they get an idea in their head, it's real hard to reverse it.

Man, if it was meant to be, than it was meant to be. After years of trying with a million different girls, and every relationship ending for one reason or another, all i have left to believe in is fate. Good luck, bro.
Yea if its meant to be it will be but Im worried that its meant to be and there trying to stop it. So im trying to make it meant to be but not make it meant to be.... confusing but the way they are trying to end it is a complete lie. So thats the only reason im still in the emotionally and physically as much as i am. Fate is all i got left too really.


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Fuck Nelson! That ol' gay donut scarfin' mother fucked sack of dogshit..... All the times I had to tolerate his ignorance.... I know Nelson, and how he is..... so regardless of the advice that any of you people give... it's nice and all... but it won't work. Nelson, AKA Step-dad, is a cop. He's got strings to pull, and he does his best to pull them. RoxoRz just basically got screwed over by a member of the lowest form of society, and there's not a whole helluva lot he can do about it. You're just gonna have to ride it out and hope things get better. Other than that, nothing you can do.
Damn bro. You make it harsh. But your right in a sense. Today will be a rough one might find out something about the whole thing today might completly end today. At school now might get a call might not. Might not get anything and just have to assume its over. Hope not.


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Skitch0o0 said:
Write shorter stories. Maybe then people with ADD like myself will actually read them.
lol, i have add, too


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Do yourself and your mother a favor... don't worry about it. This girl you were going with seems like a very immature person, and her father sounds like a dickface. I know it's a cliche, but, "There are more fish in the sea." But good luck with everything!! Hope things get better

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Adrenalin_junky said:
yea i can see how thats sucks
Maybe don't double post, and use the edit button... Just a useful hint ;)