Life is a Gift


Life is a gift.
Enjoy every minute as if it were your last.
You could get hit by a train tommorrow.
Ride the bumps out, theres something
pleasant on the other side of the hill.
Forgive, forget.
Be kind, it makes you stronger.
Love, its the only thing worth a damn.
Stop once in awhile and really look
around you, take it in, breathe deep,
open your eyes, there are miracles
Theres only one you, respect yourself.
Know your worth, your more valuable
than you think.
Try harder.
Dont give up.
Try again.
Say your sorry.
Give your enemy the best of yourself
this too will make you stronger.
Let the world know who you are.
Find your purpose.
Act on your purpose.
Dont let anyone detract you from
your purpose.