Life on Reserve


Shiva-Destroyer of Worlds
Fill me up and burn me out
Till my life is on reserve
Extra time to disipate
is more than I desereve

Drive me to the limit
and run me off the edge
My demise will come from now
A worthless little pledge

Ride my back as I go on
You're working less and less
How patience keeps inside of me
is hard for me to guess

getting up and going out
as you sit there eating rich
the only thing that holds me back
is the flick of a little switch

Sell me now I'm worthless
to everything I know
You'd say aught for anything
to keep me in the show

You used to say "What's mine is yours
and also yours is mine"
Except of course for your priceless life
and your precious little time

Hypocrisy is everywhere
Just take a look around
Just close your eyes and listen well
to hear the dying sound

they gave me a brain to think
and have a piece of mind
But now I'm just a memory
while you have been enshrined