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life pisses me offf


Fresh Meat
Every now and then i hit a road bump and its gay like so fucking gay i just wanna go to sleep for like a week or something maybe move away from everything i know and try to start something new but i know in the end im just gonna find myself doing the same old thing with a new group of friends that are just like my old ones so pretty much im saying im pissed with my pathetic life and know that ill probibly never ammount to anything cause i have no idea what i would ever want to do with my life and i know im never gonna have any money just end up a skid mark on the underpants of society ya but ive thought that for a while and it helps to post it to people who will judge me but ill never have to deal with them in my everyday life ya but i thought for my first post id also make a list of things that piss me off here it goes

*George W Bush
* feminists
* spelling
* money
* rich people
* careers
* computers
* pop ups
* my mom
* people getting mad at things that dont matter in the end
* celebrities
* people who worship celebrities
* my ex
* Terrible music
* people who cant take a joke
* the way snoop dogg talks
* my stupid massachusetts accent
* hackers
* girls who dont take a compliment ( ex me :your skinny them : eww im so not im so fat ect gay)
* people who care what others think
* television <---- downfall of society
* sports players getting millions of dollars to play a game
* not being able to get tickets to see that fucking sports player act play
* gay advertisements
* how everything is made in china ( it just fucking breaks, capitalist fags trying to save some money)
* big companies
* monoplies
* bill gates
* all people who have more then 10 million dollars
* designer anything (purses, clothes, shoes, ect)
* vegetarians
* people who cant act like and adult
* people who act to much like an adult
* the fcc
* republicans
* the hipocratic oath
* guns
* rich people giving to stupid charities
* rich people not giving money to homeless
* math more complicated then alegebra
* people who care what everyone thinks about them
* people who point out stupid things wrong with something
* myspaces
* gasoline
* terrorists
* cars
* any television channel that does not educate
* my lack of intelligence
* my inability to spell
* what i did today
* what i didnt do today
* my hair
* my face
* good people that get nothing in the end
* bad people getting rewarded
* pornography
* gangs
* war
* why i never catch a break
* the police
* fire
* things that cost so much but then they break
* walmart
* the dollar store
* fast food
* starbucks
* doughnuts
* pack rats
* weapons
* lazy people
* people who do drugs
* gravity
* physics
* sickness
* nice guys finishing last
* cheaters
* school
*lieing to people to make things seem alright
* and what ever the fuck else i dont like
Im just pissed off and dont want to type anymore


Fuck me in the gotaz.
wow thats alot of things to be pissed off at. one thing that pisses me off is simple and good charlete two bands that are ruining the rock society with there gay punk rock.I like punk rock but simple plan and good charlete are disgraces :mfinger:


Voorhees a jolly good fellow!

Let me copy/paste your post into a text editor so I can add at least a period in it. I'll report back once my eyesight returns. :)


WTF's Official Conspiracy Fanatic
I have felt like that before PatMac. Find something you actually DO like, and do it as much as possible. Find other people who like it and make some friends. It wont get any better, but it can get bearable.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Ok, I understand that you're mad but still, there's a thing called a period, it's used to designate the end of a sentence. See that? And good luck, noob.


Soul Doubt
hedgehog4572068 said:
Ok, I understand that you're mad but still, there's a thing called a period, it's used to designate the end of a sentence. See that? And good luck, noob.
Humm, hedgehog, I think he's used up the last of his periods, as he's pissed off at everything...
BklynCannonball said:
You know what PatMac? You piss me off.

Someone put this thread in bait and tackle so we can ream him proper.
I'm with her :)

And...the Marines would just kick your ass for being such a whiney...ummm...flame flame flame. :cool: