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Homo est Deus
I was thinking earlier about what life is about, how we got here, what happens when we die, etc. And I thought about people that are in comas. Do you dream in comas? If so am I in a coma and this is all a dream? Is it possible that I'm in someone else's dream and not real at all? Are we all test subjects in some insane project? Are we in a petrie dish known as Earth? Ants have little hills in the ground that they live in; they seem oblivious to our presence until we step on them. What if we are living in some other civilazation's dirt. What if we are oblivious to their presence. When a little kid sees an ant they might get a magnifying glass and burn the poor ant to death. What if when someone spontaneously combusts they were put under something's magnifying glass and set ablaze by the sun?


Ñúñ'§ þêG £ègGéÐ /\/\å±ëý
When people are in a coma i think they ended up astral projecting(intentionally or not) and can't figure a way to get back into the body. Now about life...imagination is the key! We are probably living someone else's dream(g-d's dream) so what happens when he wakes up? But then again were are gods in our own way. We have trillions upon trillions of living things living inside of us, so we are their "universe". Now the universe is unlimited and limited at the same time, it goes into itself just like time. After "life" there is no past or future there is only "now". Time does not exist. We age because of time and die because of it. Our minds are so clouded right now that we can't see the truth that is right in from of our eyes(well the third eye for that matter). Open it, try to see. Meditate and find yourself.

P.S. if you astral project you can make anything manifest just like in lucid dreaming.....


Modern Moses
It's not so much a coma, but I remember a long time ago I used to talk to a guy on the computer who did a lot of drugs. Apparently one day he clinically died for some short amount of seconds and got revitalized. He said it basically just felt like a really long sleep.