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Liquor is bad for me


so last night i was hanging out with some friends, you know having a good time. so then we decided we needed to drink, and we have the family guy drinking game, and volume 3 dvd set of family guy. well lets say that game will mess you up in just the first epidsod. the problem is im playing this game, and i know im a light weight, my drink of choice last night was bacardi razz mixed with sprite. well after a while we stopped playing the family guy drinking game. then we needed a new game, so we got some cards, and played "red or black" (the rules: when its your turn you tell the dealer "red" or "black" the first card is flipped over, if you guessed right, you get to make someone of your choice to drink, your wrong, you drink.ez i know the part that gets you messed up is the rule of if you guess right 3 turns in a row, you get to make a rule for the game.) my friend was nice enough to make a rule, when some one guess wrong, you drink also. then i made a rule when anyone laughs, thats a drink (mind you we still watching family guy and we been drinking so its more funny to us) well after all these great games, i was not feeling well, for i had all this on an empty stomach. needless to say 15 minutes latter, i was puking my brains out.:sick: that was not fun at all for me (first time puking after drinking) cleaning up puke while drunk and feeling like shit, not cool. at least my two of my friends are great and helped clean up. then i went to sleep. then this moring i woke up still feeling like shit, so i went to the local store got some pepto-bismol and that helped my stomach, and now i feel fine.

the things you should have gotten of my story
1- im a dumbass, and i hope you get a good laugh out of it (hell i think its funny now)
2- drinking games get you messed up
3- puking is not fun
4- BACK TO BEER FOR ME, LIQUOR BAD (also beer cheaper:thumbsup: )
and the most important one
5- friends are always good to have around, they help you clean up puke in times of need.
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Family Guy drinking game? Thats sounds...interesting! Plz explain it to someone who has to get all his Family Guy stuff from the US because the German tv stations are too dumb to notice that Peter & Co. are f'ing awesome!

On topic:
You're right, puking ain't fun (except, maybe, when others do it).
I personally don't like any of those weird mixed drinks, so I'm sticking to beer, which tastes better, is cheaper and heals cancer!


Oppressing your posts...
everytime peter says "ehehehehehhee" you drink..


drunk with a jeep problem
Another good drinking game is "I never"
Beer smells like babies being drowned in a sewer. I'll stick to good old pussy, girly wine coolers. :thumbsup:

And hard shit sometimes...


Eyeless Pilot
TheLampIncident said:
Beer smells like babies being drowned in a sewer. I'll stick to good old pussy, girly wine coolers. :thumbsup:

And hard shit sometimes...
My choice is wine - White Zinfandel if I want to get drunk but not quickly, and drink something that doesn't taste rancid; Burgundy if I wanna get wasted from it.
i have the opposite symptom. i feel like a turd bucket if i get drunk on beer. gimme hard alcohol anyday.

one drinking game we play is a game called 7

in a circle you count starting from 0 upwards in a clock wise fashion. whenever the number has 7 in it, or is divisible by 7 instead of counting up, you knock on the table. if you fuck that up, you take a shot of tequila.

its alot of fun... unless you suck at counting when you are piss drunk.


Just Another Enemy
When I'm sober, I hate puking, but when I'm drunk I love it......... Lol, does that make me wierd?

I like puking when I'm drunk, makes me feel better, makes me feel more drunk too when I bring my head up straight.. *Confused*.. Whatever. lol.


From appaled to applauding, controversy.
JaeSwift said:
When I'm sober, I hate puking, but when I'm drunk I love it......... Lol, does that make me wierd?
Sorry mate, yeah, that makes you very weird. Stay away from me, ok?:happysad:

Captain 151

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VolumeOne said:
Family Guy drinking game? Thats sounds...interesting! Plz explain it
(I played these rules while watching the movie. I died for about 30 minutes that night.)

One Drink:

-Cut scene
-Character consumes alcohol
-Played out stereotype
-Peter gets hurt
-Peter says "Sweet"

Two Drinks:

-Stewie tryes to kill Lois
-Sewie formulates a plan
-Stewie does seomthing feminine
-Stewie has a weapon
-Chris becomes nervous around a girl
-Brian and Stewie fight
-Peter does "the laugh"-
-Peter gives Chris bad advice
-Peter embarasses Meg
-Visit to the Drunken Clam
-A gag is repeated-
-Commercial break
-Chicken fight!

Three Drinks:

-Stewie says "Victory is mine"
-Peter says "Holy crap!"
-Brian has a martini
-Meg is referred to as ugly in some way
-Non-human character is shown (excluding Brian)
-Quagmire makes a sexual reference ("Giggity giggity" is included)
-Quahog News is shown
-Every time Cleveland JR. laughs
-Stewie says "What the Deuce?"
-Character plays the piano
-Character removes an article of clothing
-Clevland mentions "Lois"

Four Drinks:

-Lois' parents show up
-Make fun of FOX

Five Drinks:

-Drawn out scene (add a drink if crickets chirp)
-The "evil monkey" makes an appearance

(Note: If two reasons to drink overlap (such as character consumes alcohol and Brian drinks a martini) the higher of the two drink totals takes precendence. You drink 3 for that, for instance, not one.)


Oppressing your posts...
or you could just play the drink the beer game from family guy... how do you play?

drink a beer...

(chug chug chug)

you win!

sweet what do I win?

another beer!

oh man im goin for high score!

he's got the high score right now...

dude your clock wont flush!

you are all a bunh of winers. Beer isn't bad for you a lot of beer is bad for you!:thumbsup:
i like beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sacrifice said:
family guy is the best show in the world!:)
your a tit.

i'm gonna play peter's drinking game, that way i'm a weiner everytime!:D

keebs another moral too your story, never drink on an empty stomach.:thumbsup: