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Little Snitch!

I remember in 2nd grade at my old school, every day at the bus I would sit next to my friend.
We were good friends.
He always said "Want to see a majic trick".
I said "OK".
He said "Let me see your quater".
I gave him the quater and he said "Close your eyes".
He would do it 20 seconds before his bus stoped.
Then I see him at his house and jump up and down like a little retard saying "HA HA HA AHA HA".
I dont know why I always felt for that trick.
When I was a little kid I always felt for tricks. :mad: :mad: :mad:


_ потерял душу _
Damn... You should of asked him if he wanted to see a magick trick then fart in your book bag and cram it over his head.... :thumbsup:


_ потерял душу _
Zennousha said:
out of curiosity what does this have to do with being a snitch hehe

Hey good point..

What the hell does it have to do with snitchin? unless your talking about yourself telling on him?

:D :mfinger:


Dreaming to live
Geez, didn't you have that one pulled on you enough when you were a kid to know not to fall for it now?
Idiot Friends!!

I'll tell you what that post was about.
It was about my old friend being a moron.
I read the thread it said Idiot Friends.
So my friend was an idiot and had nothing else to do.
I had a right to post on this thread.


Master of Malaise
i dont think anyone challenged your right to post here, i was just curious to know why you chose the word snitch hehe.

god i hate typo's makes me feel like an idiot


Banned - What an Asshat!
Ya, me too

Have you ever heard that one where some one tells you to say "I M sofa king retarded"? They got me with that one! IT sucked and I was sad. Hey, its cool, just learn what you can by getting shafted and then use it 100 times on 100 other people to make up for it... SPREAD the deception it you know what i mean!