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Live like there is no tomorrow


Original Dicksman
I'm sure everyone else has heard some form of the expression 'Live like there is no tomorrow' or 'Live everyday as if it were your last'. If I were to make this my new imperative, then here is short list of things that would result:
* Without a future to save money for, or concern for bills, I'd spend every penny I had...
* Because venerial diseases don't begin to cause problems within 24 hours, there's no telling how many I'd potentially because infested with...
* I would probably try every harmfull/addictive drug every invented. If today is your last day, then why worry about becoming a junky?

To sum it up, if I did half the things on the final-day-todo list, and I happened to still be alive the next day, and the day after, then things would get progressively worse. The ramifications of living like there is no future is essentially ensuring that the future will suck.
Yeah, so if you run into someone who is suddenly broke, addicted to heroin and crack, has just caught Hep and HIV and is wanted by the law for crimes committed the day before, it may because that person decided to start living like there was no tomorrow.