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Living Legends Featuring Slug - Nothing Less


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I hate to post somebody else's work, but I cannot get enough of this song! It gives me shivers each time. Here goes...

And nothing less, nothing less...

Well I bet you that I get the last laugh,
I bet you that my funeral's packed
And the tune you all blast is my crew shit
Blue shit, the owner don't matter,
but I get swamped in the zone,
where you gather I'm alone but together with the folks
Not really knowing where I'm going
But my goal's to provoke thoughts,
devote lots, show some fools the ropes to hop,
scope the top from above it,
love it, then leave it alone,
I beleive that I'm grown showing the way,
Owning the bay, going astray then blowing away,
like that bag in American Beauty truly blessed,

And nothing less, nothing less...

I'm nothing less than a criminal with minimal convictions
Serving up my customers, a hustler of the diction,
crushing my afflictions, I'm sick in the mind,
Depends on who you ask, and I can do anything depending on the task,
I tend to be on blast more often than not,
between a rock and a hard place I soften my spot,
Talkin a lot, that's if my CD's gettin played,
but if that's not the case,
Then I have nothing to say,
My crew, Van Tyson's, we was up in the bay,
been down for awhile,
Now watch us, as we take it, up and away,
Something to play, when you're layin on back,
felt the love when I wrote this
So I know you're all feeling what I'm saying on tracks,

And nothing less, nothing less... And nothing less, nothing less... And nothing less, Nothing less...

First step was birth,
Now forever cursed to analyze his self-worth,
Second step was beleif,
Had to make that move before he even grew teeth,
The third step respect, awareness,
He could trip over the next step if he's careless,
That next step, number four was Love
Can't touch it without stepping the other three above
As he froze for a moment, ignoring the remaining ones he was approaching,
focus, stolen, looking down at his hands, to see what he was holding, nothing, empty, no choice but to keep going,
That fifth step, felt like a mis-step, it was a re-evaluation of the first four, the anxiety fear of what it hurts for, caught somewhere between the earth's core, and the first floor,
When he finally made it to step six, he could no longer see it for what it is, all of his views and family, and life were askew, number six had been twisted by the previous two,
The last step, the seventh, was the only thing left that kept him out side of heaven, one last breath, and everything could be pleasant,
Life through death, Man's final lesson...

And Nothing Less, Nothing, Less

Nothing less, god blessed the days I rest
In this mess called life, trying to be the best
For the best dressed, female, but she just brings hell,
In the wishing well, I dry pieces of my soul,
born to rebel, I'm the black James Dean of the underground,
yelling at shows, like rallies in Cali I blow rhymes under the trees,
Wanna-be's, talk shit all day, but don't got a tape to play,
nothing genuine to say, so they bite the next man,
Like they're gonna make him the best man, in this crusade
The future looks black, like Tay-Dig's forehead, we can't go ahead and let the wack break our spirit

Nothing less, nothing less... Nothing less, nothing less...

I know my expectations are high,
But I refuse to lay low, no compromises only improvises,
From what I manifest in the mind, even though they say No,
I follow through if it's true
You know those types of serious questions that are asked in a playful manner so if assumptions are wrong they can act like it's a joke?
What do you do for a living? That's the words they spoke when they first heard I wrote to stay alive while they're working nine to five
I work just as hard as you, but got a different focus and while you focus on me I will be, all that I am, honest I am
While others running their mouth with nothing to show,
I will use what I know, manipulating my flow,
From here to there, I origami the situation from what is considered excusable to something beautiful, the outcome is Legendary, and nothing less.

And nothing less, nothing less...


Banned - What an Asshat!
Haha, my dumbass didn't see it. My bad. :thumbsup:
Good song, I just downloaded it.


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I absolutely love it. The Living Legends are some of my favorites.


Banned - What an Asshat!
NoSubstance said:

I absolutely love it. The Living Legends are some of my favorites.
I like this greenday song. Boulevard of Broken Dreams :thumbsup:


im not impressed by the lyrics on paper, maybe the music helps, i might check it out...


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The beat is, in my opinion, incredible. The song is just pure flow, beauty, to me.


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Falcon05 said:
That is a sweet song, ive never heard of the band though :(
I'm glad you asked. :)

The Living Legends Crew is a loosely knit confederation of rappers who decided that they did not need to be signed to a label to be successful. Their H.Q. is the Bay Area of California, but their roots extend world over. They have members from the West coast, the East coast, Canada, Mexico, the South coast, England, Japan, and Europe. Despite their underground stature, they have had huge success due to their tireless work - 8 world tours in two years, 1993-1994. Several off-shootings have resulted - Mystik Journeymen is probably the most active right now.

They have rappers of all descents - Black, White, Latino, Asian, they're a fairly large group.