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Headlines Lizzie Grubman's new tv show


Was machen Sie?
she has a new show on mtv, called power girls, it premiered this week i believe.

why is this in issues? b/c this bitch ran over oh a dozen people in the hamptons w/ her truck, physically harming people-intentionally, served jail time for it and now has access to young people who are heavily influenced by so called, "role models" as featured by mtv. this bitch became more popular for her notoriously bad behavior. i can't stand it. mtv sure knows how to pick em i tell yah! i'm so pissed, i am going to write viacom exec's to complain.

role model my ass. more like she needed the gig to pay off all the lawsuits she lost to those people who sued her afterwards...she should be forced to repay them by washing dishes in the back of some rat infested restaurant! grrrrr...sorry, i think my reaction may be b/c its a NY thing.


Ick, she's scary looking. :(

Sorry for the somewhat off topic response, but I know nothing of her, or her driving skills.


You're my number two
She's a spindoctor whore. She should write a book. "How to turn your PR frown, up-side down".

Her and martha stewart should get together and make some center pieces.