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Long Chat Log, God and Faith and such


Banned - What an Asshat!
If you are going to reply: TLDR I will kick your fucking ass. If you dont want to read it, dont fucking read it.

[00:59] <|DG|> but i also believe that it will come at a time when religion is outlawed
[00:59] <IHTFCC> Everyone'll just vanish
[00:59] <|DG|> and we are not looking for it
[00:59] <|DG|> when there is no faith
[00:59] <IHTFCC> I can't wait for that time
[01:00] <|DG|> i can
[01:00] <IHTFCC> I'd help it come faster
[01:00] <|DG|> because without faith, what is there?
[01:00] <IHTFCC> Reality
[01:00] <IHTFCC> Common sense
[01:00] <|DG|> it doesnt have to be faith in god, but, faith is what drives us, beneath common sense
[01:00] <|DG|> its part of your soul, unseen, uncorrupted
[01:00] <IHTFCC> Common sense should drive us
[01:00] <|DG|> it makes us human
[01:00] <IHTFCC> Not faith
[01:00] <|DG|> no, animals have common sense
[01:00] <IHTFCC> Faith is corrupt
[01:01] <|DG|> faith, my dear, is what you make it
[01:01] <IHTFCC> It can be easily manipulated
[01:01] <IHTFCC> Very easily
[01:01] <|DG|> if you choose corrupt, then so be it
[01:01] <IHTFCC> Many people have done it in the past
[01:01] <|DG|> for the weak, but so can common sense
[01:01] <IHTFCC> And many people will do it in the future
[01:01] <|DG|> hence, the rapture
[01:01] <|DG|> and when all is ruled by logic, math and science, it will come
[01:01] <|DG|> and remind us
[01:01] <|DG|> that faith is necessary
[01:01] <IHTFCC> It won't come
[01:02] <IHTFCC> We will be peacful
[01:02] <lcarus> Dang this is a crazy story
[01:02] <|DG|> you are crazy if you believe that IHTFCC
[01:02] <IHTFCC> Not really
[01:02] <|DG|> but, you and CL share that in your brains
[01:02] <IHTFCC> If people thought with their heads
[01:02] <IHTFCC> And not have faith in the invisible man
[01:02] <|DG|> im spiritual, not religious, I think with my mind and spirit, both logic and imaginary
[01:02] <IHTFCC> And do what this invisible man in the sky says
[01:03] <|DG|> Belief drives religion, not faith
[01:03] <|DG|> the invisible man in the sky is not religion
[01:03] <|DG|> he is in everything, every stone, every animal, every tree
[01:03] <IHTFCC> He was created by religion
[01:03] <|DG|> no
[01:03] <IHTFCC> Which was created by man
[01:03] <|DG|> religion was created by man
[01:03] <|DG|> it was the first form of governmetn
[01:03] <|DG|> man was created by Jehova
[01:03] <IHTFCC> No
[01:04] <|DG|> and faith, is very different than belief
[01:04] <IHTFCC> Man was created by germs
[01:04] <IHTFCC> haha
[01:04] <|DG|> technically, man was created by stardust
[01:04] <|DG|> heat and water
[01:04] <IHTFCC> Yeah
[01:04] <|DG|> but there had to be a beginning to that stardust
[01:04] <|DG|> there had to be a catalyst
[01:04] <|DG|> enter the Omega
[01:04] <IHTFCC> Indeed
[01:05] <|DG|> who, i believe, is only the god of our galaxy, and if you read my story, that will make much more sense
[01:05] <IHTFCC> We're all going to kill each other over religion
[01:05] <|DG|> probably
[01:05] <|DG|> but that is not gods desire, nor wish
[01:05] <|DG|> we have free will, which no other creature does
[01:05] <IHTFCC> God fucks up a lot
[01:05] <|DG|> no, man fucks up
[01:05] <|DG|> god cries alot, im sure
[01:05] <IHTFCC> God is all knowing right?
[01:05] <|DG|> because he gave us free will
[01:06] <|DG|> yes, but all knowing and being able to intervien are different
[01:06] <IHTFCC> Isn't he/she/it/they all knowing?
[01:06] <IHTFCC> Then he knew we'd fuck up
[01:06] <|DG|> yes
[01:06] <|DG|> he did
[01:06] <IHTFCC> So he fucked up by making us
[01:06] <|DG|> that is why revelations was written
[01:06] <|DG|> no
[01:06] <IHTFCC> And someone else fucked up by making him/her/it/they
[01:06] <|DG|> that is like saying that i fucked up by making my children, because they make mistakes
[01:07] <|DG|> I guide them, love them, and give them rules, but I do not control them
[01:07] <IHTFCC> You fucked up raising them
[01:07] <|DG|> no, because they have free will
[01:07] <|DG|> the choice to change their actions
[01:07] <|DG|> without free will, we would be animals, instinctaul and without souls
[01:08] <IHTFCC> Who says they have no souls?
[01:08] <IHTFCC> A book written by MEN?
[01:08] <|DG|> animals have spirits, but only humans have souls
[01:08] <|DG|> nope, thats just my theory
[01:08] <|DG|> take it for what you want.
[01:08] <IHTFCC> Then what's the difference between a soul and a spirit
[01:08] <|DG|> a spirit is a memory, an aura
[01:08] <IHTFCC> And how do animals not have this?
[01:09] <|DG|> a soul is an essence, an immortal part of who we are
[01:09] <IHTFCC> How do animals not have this?
[01:09] <|DG|> animals have a spirit, because they are part of the earth, but souls belong to humans, because of our free will and sexuality
[01:09] <IHTFCC> They have free will
[01:09] <IHTFCC> And sexuality
[01:09] <|DG|> our ability to have emotions bred not from pain or instinct, but from who we are
[01:09] <|DG|> animals fuck to procreate
[01:10] <|DG|> humans fuck because we like it
[01:10] <IHTFCC> Hmmm
[01:10] <|DG|> animals make desicions based on instinct, pain, good, hungry, ect
[01:10] <IHTFCC> Interesting idea you have
[01:10] <|DG|> yep im a wierd one.
[01:10] <IHTFCC> We do make decisions on instinct as well
[01:10] <|DG|> ive done a lot of studying on gods, shiva, jehova, gaiea, ect
[01:11] <|DG|> true, but it does not drive us
[01:11] <IHTFCC> We are animals
[01:11] <IHTFCC> We evolved from them
[01:11] <|DG|> animals are driven by instinct.
[01:11] <lcarus> Chapter 3
[01:11] <IHTFCC> We were once them
[01:11] <|DG|> we are seperated by our ability to form decisions, to have choices.
[01:11] <IHTFCC> When did we acquire a soul?
[01:11] <|DG|> when we were seperated from the garden of eden
[01:12] <IHTFCC> With the talking snake?
[01:12] <|DG|> we no longer were part of the ethereal earth spirit, gaiea if you will
[01:12] <IHTFCC> A snake that talks and an invisible man
[01:12] <|DG|> i think the talking snake is an illusion
[01:12] <|DG|> i think adam and eve fucked
[01:12] <|DG|> and she liked it
[01:12] <|DG|> and that was it
[01:12] <IHTFCC> Hmmm
[01:13] <|DG|> they did not fuck to procreate, but because it made them feel something even the voice of God did not
[01:13] <|DG|> the "fruit" of the tree of "life"
[01:13] <IHTFCC> Why doesn't God just kill us all
[01:13] <|DG|> the "snake"
[01:13] <IHTFCC> And start over again
[01:13] <|DG|> because he loves us
[01:13] <IHTFCC> If there is an after life
[01:13] <|DG|> even if we are bad, even if we make him cry
[01:13] <IHTFCC> We would be with him
[01:13] <|DG|> if your child was a rapist and a murdered, could you kill him?
[01:13] <IHTFCC> The rapist
[01:13] <IHTFCC> Yes
[01:13] <IHTFCC> I would
[01:14] <|DG|> but our journey, our choices, our rights to free will would be seperated
[01:14] <|DG|> if we were suddenly dead
[01:14] <|DG|> we would learn nothing
[01:14] <IHTFCC> Just start over again
[01:14] <IHTFCC> Give clues to our existence
[01:14] <IHTFCC> And our mistakes
[01:14] <|DG|> we would have no emotions, because we made no choices, and felt no pain
[01:14] <|DG|> and that is not the way it should be
[01:14] <IHTFCC> Do you believe in hell?
[01:15] <|DG|> yes, but as a dimensional space
[01:15] <IHTFCC> It makes no sense to me
[01:15] <|DG|> there are a max of four dimensions that humans can see
[01:15] <IHTFCC> If a god loved us why would he/she/it send us to be tortured?
[01:15] <|DG|> and 11 mathematical ones we can not, but can prove
[01:15] <|DG|> i dont think god does.
[01:15] <|DG|> i think that
[01:15] <|DG|> people go where they believe they deserve to go
[01:15] <IHTFCC> Hmmm
[01:15] <IHTFCC> Interesting indeed
[01:16] <|DG|> because we have free will, and souls
[01:16] <IHTFCC> If you don't believe in god you go nowhere?
[01:16] <IHTFCC> That would explain ghosts
[01:16] <|DG|> and purgatory
[01:17] <|DG|> because your soul is confused
[01:17] <|DG|> but, i think, if you BELIEVE to much, without faith, you go the same place
[01:17] <IHTFCC> And if you fail in purgatory?
[01:17] <|DG|> pergatory or ghosts
[01:17] <|DG|> then you are lost
[01:17] <|DG|> i dont know
[01:17] <|DG|> but, there is also the possibility of reincarnation
[01:17] <IHTFCC> Yeah
[01:17] <|DG|> the indians believed that retarded children were souls on their last journey through earth
[01:18] <IHTFCC> Very interesting
[01:18] <|DG|> the jews have a hall, i fogot the name, where all souls are stored
[01:18] <|DG|> now, here is another theory i have
[01:18] <|DG|> if there were only so many souls made, and there are more people alive, then those who make the greatest, most evil decsions, were born without souls
[01:18] <|DG|> and therefore, no concience
[01:19] <IHTFCC> Hmm
[01:19] <|DG|> so, even if god could stop them, he could not access them, because they are the Lost. The Soul-less
[01:19] <IHTFCC> You believe that those without souls would be like Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler?
[01:20] <|DG|> yes.
[01:20] <|DG|> and saddam
[01:20] <|DG|> who BELIEVED
[01:20] <IHTFCC> What if they are right
[01:20] <|DG|> but had no FAITH
[01:20] <IHTFCC> And we are wrong
[01:20] <|DG|> becuase god could not touch them
[01:20] <IHTFCC> We are the lost
[01:20] <|DG|> then we are all lost
[01:20] <|DG|> and i am just talking through my ass, which is a great possibility
[01:20] <IHTFCC> haha
[01:20] <|DG|> but I have faith in what I say, so that makes it real to me
[01:20] <IHTFCC> But you could be one of the lost
[01:21] <IHTFCC> As could I
[01:21] <|DG|> what you have faith in, is up to you to decide
[01:21] <|DG|> but I know I am not
[01:21] <IHTFCC> And Mussolini could have had a soul
[01:21] <|DG|> because I dream
[01:21] <|DG|> because I have faith
[01:21] <|DG|> and the lost, have only regulations and belief to guide them, but not the touch of faith
[01:21] <|DG|> Taliban, ruled by rules and not by faith
[01:21] <|DG|> but they mask it as faith
[01:22] <IHTFCC> Hell, Hitler could have really been acting with God's approbal
[01:22] <IHTFCC> approval*
[01:22] <|DG|> i dont think so
[01:22] <IHTFCC> You can't know for sure
[01:22] <|DG|> because, god seperated us at the tower of Babble
[01:22] <|DG|> so, why would He then kill us?
[01:22] <|DG|> why jews and not catholics?
[01:22] <|DG|> or athiests?
[01:23] <IHTFCC> I'm not him/her/it
[01:23] <|DG|> me niether
[01:23] <IHTFCC> I wouldn't know
[01:23] <IHTFCC> And we're talking about monotheism
[01:23] <IHTFCC> Polytheism could explain why it was the Jews
[01:23] <|DG|> true, but
[01:23] <IHTFCC> And not the Catholics or atheists
[01:23] <|DG|> technically, the jews, christians and muslims all worship the same god
[01:24] <IHTFCC> There could be an angered god
[01:24] <|DG|> I think that polytheism is a good possibility
[01:24] <IHTFCC> Angered that he/she/it isn't being worshipped
[01:24] <|DG|> true
[01:24] <|DG|> and quite possible
[01:24] <IHTFCC> So many people are killed
[01:24] <|DG|> but it would be a weaker god
[01:24] <IHTFCC> Or a stronger, more foolish god
[01:24] <|DG|> yes
[01:25] <IHTFCC> Or a god that figures if he/she/it kills a lot of people
[01:25] <IHTFCC> People will realize that there's someone else
[01:25] <IHTFCC> Or something else
[01:25] <IHTFCC> That is angered
[01:25] <|DG|> well, that was a foolish thing to do, since it only strengthened the human resolve
[01:25] <IHTFCC> Or we could be following the wrong god
[01:26] <|DG|> if we posted this, how many people would say im a nut case?
[01:26] <|DG|> lol
[01:26] <IHTFCC> haha
[01:26] <IHTFCC> the close minded people
[01:26] <|DG|> you can not follow the wrong god
[01:26] <|DG|> because of faith, and your soul
[01:26] <|DG|> it would not allow you too
[01:26] <IHTFCC> So I have no soul, since I follow no god?
[01:26] <|DG|> you have faith in what you feel is right
[01:26] <|DG|> not necessarily
[01:26] <|DG|> you still have a soul, but
[01:27] <IHTFCC> I follow myself
[01:27] <|DG|> you are without faith
[01:27] <IHTFCC> So I'm one of the lost?
[01:27] <|DG|> people who create great turmoil have niether
[01:27] <|DG|> your one of the untouched
[01:27] <|DG|> it will come, in life or in death
[01:27] <|DG|> that, i can pretty much guarantee you
[01:27] <IHTFCC> Wouldn't god have pity on the lost?
[01:27] <|DG|> yes
[01:27] <|DG|> but
[01:27] <IHTFCC> Since we're the confused
[01:28] <IHTFCC> Lost souls
[01:28] <|DG|> I have pity on the people in Iraq
[01:28] <|DG|> I do not have the power to talk to them
[01:28] <|DG|> like I can talk to you
[01:28] <IHTFCC> Hmmm
[01:28] <|DG|> and I have pity on you
[01:28] <|DG|> so I talk to you
[01:28] <IHTFCC> Pity on me?
[01:28] <|DG|> see, if there is no soul, there is no communication with god
[01:28] <IHTFCC> For being a godles commie?
[01:28] <|DG|> yes, because you are faithless
[01:28] <|DG|> no, not for being godless
[01:28] <|DG|> for not having faith
[01:29] <|DG|> for believing that logic is stronger than faith
[01:29] <|DG|> it is not
[01:29] <IHTFCC> Say someone outlaws religion
[01:29] <IHTFCC> do they have a soul?
[01:29] <|DG|> it depends
[01:29] <IHTFCC> On what they do next?
[01:29] <|DG|> are they outlawing religion to create chaos
[01:29] <|DG|> or to create a better world
[01:29] <IHTFCC> A better world
[01:30] <|DG|> either way, they are trying to exerpt power on others souls, on others faith, and that can not be a good thing
[01:30] <IHTFCC> That's what I would do, because I see a world without religion a better world
[01:30] <|DG|> what about a world without faith?
[01:30] <|DG|> would that be better?
[01:30] <IHTFCC> Just as good
[01:30] <|DG|> without imagination?
[01:30] <|DG|> without consience?
[01:30] <IHTFCC> Faith is not imagination
[01:31] <IHTFCC> Nor is it consience
[01:31] <IHTFCC> It is faith, and faith alone
[01:31] <IHTFCC> It is nothing more and nothing less
[01:31] <|DG|> mabye not, but, without faith, how do you know what is consiensous and what is not?
[01:31] <IHTFCC> Through reason
[01:31] <IHTFCC> Reason will remain without faith
[01:32] <|DG|> What would you base it on then?
[01:32] <IHTFCC> Reason
[01:32] <|DG|> since most of our laws are religious based
[01:32] <|DG|> and not reason based
[01:32] <IHTFCC> You see if I kill your family
[01:32] <|DG|> like, murder
[01:32] <IHTFCC> In front of you
[01:32] <IHTFCC> And slaughter your neighbors
[01:32] <IHTFCC> And beat you
[01:32] <IHTFCC> And leave you for dead
[01:32] <IHTFCC> You will lose faith in gos


Banned - What an Asshat!
[01:32] <|DG|> then I would pray for you while putting a bullet in your head
[01:32] <IHTFCC> god*
[01:32] <IHTFCC> Oh but you wouldn't
[01:33] <|DG|> I dont think so, I have been through a lot more than you can possibly imagine
[01:33] <IHTFCC> Would you believe that god would creat me
[01:33] <IHTFCC> create*
[01:33] <|DG|> and I hold my faith, because it holds back the insanity
[01:33] <IHTFCC> Knowing that I would slaughter your family?
[01:33] <IHTFCC> You must accept reason and reject faith
[01:33] <IHTFCC> Faith can be misleading
[01:33] <IHTFCC> Reason cannot
[01:33] <|DG|> I would believe that you are lost, and therefore, what chaos you cause on this world is not within gods ability to detour
[01:34] <IHTFCC> He's all powerful
[01:34] <|DG|> reason can have logical fallacies
[01:34] <lcarus> Okay I got to chapter 4 now and I LOVE IT
[01:34] <lcarus> Jesus that's good
[01:34] <|DG|> it is as easily manipulated as faith
[01:34] <IHTFCC> He could easily destroy me
[01:34] <lcarus> But I have to sleep
[01:34] <lcarus> So goodnight everyone
[01:34] <|DG|> Good night Icky, thank you Im glad you love it!!
[01:34] <lcarus> I'll finish it tomorrow
[01:34] <IHTFCC> See ya Icky
[01:34] * lcarus has quit IRC (Great. Icarus left. Now we can talk behind his back. )
[01:34] <|DG|> god would not destroy you
[01:35] <IHTFCC> I have no faith in anything, really
[01:35] <|DG|> that is sad
[01:35] <IHTFCC> Too much bullshit
[01:35] <IHTFCC> Religion has been manipulated too many times
[01:35] <IHTFCC> I cannot trust something that is corrupted
[01:35] <|DG|> i have faith in my children and in myself and I have faith that this world is only a stepping stone to the next
[01:35] <IHTFCC> I have faith in things
[01:35] <IHTFCC> just not god
[01:35] <|DG|> im not asking you to, but do not shut yourself out
[01:35] <IHTFCC> Or other gods
[01:35] <IHTFCC> I don't
[01:36] <|DG|> dont close off your internal voice for the sake of logic and reason
[01:36] <IHTFCC> I think about it every day
[01:36] <|DG|> that is a sad thing, I think
[01:36] <IHTFCC> I always end up siding with logic
[01:36] <|DG|> you have to understand, god can not control us, but he can touch us
[01:36] <IHTFCC> Then why has he not touched me?
[01:36] <|DG|> he can not tell us right from wrong, but he can guide us
[01:36] <|DG|> because you have no faith
[01:37] <IHTFCC> Why has this all powerful being forsaken me?
[01:37] <|DG|> because you question it
[01:37] <|DG|> and do not FEEL it
[01:37] <IHTFCC> Then he should show me the way
[01:37] <|DG|> imagine that you are in a forest
[01:37] <IHTFCC> Show me right from wrong
[01:37] <|DG|> and you drop a gem
[01:37] <|DG|> because a monster scared you
[01:37] <|DG|> years later
[01:37] <|DG|> you come back
[01:37] <|DG|> but you can not find the gem
[01:37] <|DG|> because it has been overgrown by all the crappy shit that grows in forests
[01:37] <IHTFCC> haha
[01:38] <IHTFCC> so I leave it
[01:38] <|DG|> is the gem gone, or are you just to lazy to look harder?
[01:38] <IHTFCC> I'd leave it and find another
[01:38] <IHTFCC> It could have been taken
[01:38] <|DG|> what if it was the only one
[01:38] <IHTFCC> You don't think about that
[01:38] <|DG|> it could have been, but you know it was not
[01:38] <IHTFCC> Over years someone is bound to take it
[01:38] <|DG|> not if it is in the middle of your mind, they cant
[01:38] <|DG|> unless you let them
[01:39] <IHTFCC> Impossible
[01:39] <IHTFCC> they could take it
[01:39] <|DG|> and if they did, and it was the only one, you should get off your ass and look for it
[01:39] <|DG|> and at least try
[01:39] <IHTFCC> It could be anywhere
[01:39] <|DG|> listen for it
[01:39] <|DG|> reach for it
[01:39] <IHTFCC> Anywhere in the world
[01:39] <|DG|> it could be, but it is not
[01:39] <IHTFCC> How do you know?


Mr. Ee
Ok, I posted my first reply to be a smart-ass but I did read this.

I am not a religous person, and if I ever pray to god, it's when I'm in dire need. Most people only begin to have that faith in god, when they have nothing else. It's rather pathetic, and I'm pathetic for praying once or twice, when it was all I had. But that's how people are.

But that's another story altogether.

Having faith isn't being religous, having faith is knowing and understanding a certain circumstance and situation, and being able to get past it by believing in yourself to do it. (I know, i'm a bit of a rambler) Some people acquire faith through religion.

Aliensoup defines faith - faith (n.) Belief; the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting solely and implicitly on his authority and veracity; reliance on testimony.

Aliensoup defines religion - religion (n.) The outward act or form by which men indicate their recognition of the existence of a god or of gods having power over their destiny, to whom obedience, service, and honor are due; the feeling or expression of human love, fear, or awe of some superhuman and overruling power, whether by profession of belief, by observance of rites and ceremonies, or by the conduct of life; a system of faith and worship; a manifestation of piety; as, ethical religions; monot

Aliensoup defines belief - belief (n.) Assent to a proposition or affirmation, or the acceptance of a fact, opinion, or assertion as real or true, without immediate personal knowledge; reliance upon word or testimony; partial or full assurance without positive knowledge or absolute certainty; persuasion; conviction; confidence; as, belief of a witness; the belief of our senses.

I'm not sure the entire point of the conversation, because many different things were touched in this log. :happysad:


Trance Addict
[01:04] <|DG|> but there had to be a beginning to that stardust

That was the premise of a discussion that James (Descent) and I had yesterday. He's an atheist and I'm a Christian. Basically my point is that something doesn't come from nothing. You can't have a collection of something or start a reaction with no substance. The physics theories (and Newtons laws) of mankind explain this; science simply contradicts itself while trying to explain something that doesn't fall within our knowledge. Ultimately, a force out of this realm must have put things into action. :thumbsup:


Funnier than a 5th grader
LiberatioN said:
I still have no idea what that tl or dr means. :thumbsdn:
TLDR= Too long didn't read.

I was just being a smart ass as well, hoping she would kick my ass. Since we are under the same roof..this should be fun.


So let me ask this so I can have a better understanding of what you guys are...

IHTFCC, what "religion" are you?
DG, you're a Jehova's Witness?

I Hate The FCC

Homo est Deus
Janglenut said:
So let me ask this so I can have a better understanding of what you guys are...

IHTFCC, what "religion" are you?
DG, you're a Jehova's Witness?
If you read what I said it's clear that I'm an Atheist. :rolleyes: Folking idiot.


I Hate The FCC said:
If you read what I said it's clear that I'm an Atheist. :rolleyes: Folking idiot.

I read it; but even Atheists break down into more branches.

I was wondering, how do you think the world came to be?