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long story. needed some advice n to get it out


I have to write this down because it going around and around in my head. im sorry its long i reeeally needed to get it out. me and my boyfriend, who is a total ass have split up. the problem is, we had been togetehr for over a period of two years. thats alot of memories. he has totally changed but its so hard to tell my self that he is now a different person and i am better off without him. i know this but i cant seem to take it on board. he used to be so sweet :(

I had been ill for a week. he didnt rush up to see me which is what i thought you do if you love someone, and he kept standing me up after wards. as i had been ill for a week and cudnt leave the house i had just been thnking and thinking therefore getting more wound up when he did do something wrong. and because i kind of knew he didnt love me it was even worse. because i had never stoppe dloving him and my god i adored him.
when he eventually came round we had an argument. and he altho i agreed, decided to split up. he turned to me spitefully and said "kat, i dont care about you one bit" . this teared me up but i sort of knew because i could see the change in him.
He said I expected to much of him. all i asked was for him to give us a kiss sometimes and to show up when he sed he would. i held it together while this was happening but when he left i just burst into tears and now im feeling such a strange feeling. its like i know hes bad for me now, but im sad he used to love me so much and now doesnt. and i know hes not thinking bout me because he plainly doesnt care. i was very depressed when he left, i couldnt stop crying. and now im in what seems to be a pit of despair or something. ill be fine and keep thinking positively like you are supposed to and then i will just start crying or have dreams about him with other girls and stuff. i really dont know how to get over this.
I also cant help thinking i not going to find anyone else like him again because he has such lovely bright eyes and well he was good in bed and im the only person hes slept with so its like.. argh i know hes gonna have a great time shagging the next person where as its all the same to me as ive done it before. and he is the best ive had even tho ive slept with like about 7 people . i feel so low and im sorry bout this but i had to get it out of my brain

life. :(

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I'm sorry to hear all of that, it sounds really bad, if obviously doesn't care about you as you said. In time you will heal. Timing is everything. I hope everything goes well. :thumbsup:


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Yep, ex bf's do suck. My suggestion? Find a new one.


something brilliant happened!!!! my friends(one of whom is an ex who i care for alot) from manchester who i havent sen for two years came down :p :p , as a surprise and they totally cheered me up, ive forgotten paul exists now!! HELLA GOOD SO LETS JUST KEEP ON DANCING

i was even wearing my exes trousers and i didnt think of him once!! yehaa

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well, im glad your feeling better about it now, but im going through the same exact thing you are. I broke up with my gf of 3 years last week, and its been killing me. I've tried to keep my mind on other things, and thats somewhat easy with schoolwork, and since im an alcoholic, and I can drink to forget. But it hurts when I'm sober.

In my experience, these feeling may last a while. I've had 2 serious relationships in my time, the first one ended abruptly (I'd been getting cheated on) and it took me over 2 months to get over this girl, even though she'd cheated on me with a kid from a CATHOLIC SCHOOL!! (not that theres anything wrong with that. :mfinger: ).

Anyway, don't give up. I guess that would be my advice. I wanted to give up so bad this last week, but I got out of bed anyway. The least you can do is keep on moving, and eventually, time heals all wounds.
MsPunk men are shit but don't give up because a lot of them are shit but then you appreciate the good ones when they come along!