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lost it at doctor surgery


I have a condition called Barrett esophagus, basically I fucked my esophagus because of stomach acid and the lining and cells has changed, mutated and this can lead to cancer if don't take the medication, I also have type 1, the worst.. not sure if I ever put this here but had it started 5 years and have to take 2 pills everyday for life and been told important I take these pills every day, anyway all the fucking time they are calling me in for reviews, here's how it goes..

doctor: how do you feel
me: I'm ok
doctor: Great here's your prescription

The doctor is miles away and they like to make you wait in the waiting room for a good 45 minutes

a couple times I missed a review and gone without my medication for up to 2 weeks

so today I went to collect my repeat prescription (because I complained last time of endless pointless fucking reviews every 5 minutes) so my prescription is there..14 fucking tablets! one little box!! oh it's only 14 because the doctor wants you in for a review hahahahhahahahahahahahaaaahhaha (maniacal laughing) So I lost it somewhat, I have to take these pills for the rest of my life and you are ruining that life, calm down sir, you will have to ask the doctor and so another appointment is booked and I am ready for it, ooh fuck me I'm not taking anymore of this shit, they wont want to see me again after how vile I am going to be at this next fucking appointment.

rant over.

edit - oh you can buy them some places.. £10 for 7 fucking tablets!
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That sounds shitty man. Sorry you have to deal with that. I don't understand why people of major establishments have to fuck with us so much. Why don't you go above their heads? Contact someone at a higher place and complain about their treatment of your condition as a forced research point that makes you uncomfortable and takes away form your right to take care of yourself.
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How am I still alive
You can’t renew the medicine through the pharmacy? Maybe there’s a possibility to switch doctors?

Shit sounds unnecessary and a time waster for you, the doctor and tax money.


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@TheRover , it's a British institution to complain about the NHS. But it could be worse. You could live in a country where they make you pay for healthcare and shove huge quantities of medication down your throat which is overpriced by 1000% and you still have to pay $750/month even though you pay for health coverage.