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lost the incentive

damnit. at first i thought that if i raised my grades my parents would help me out in buying the stuff i want. wwell now i have like all A's and what happens? I DON'T GET SHIT! and yet my sister gets everything she ever fucking asks for.

stuff they got for my sister:
-HOnda civic (even before she got her license) 10 grand
-apple powerbook g4 15" 1500$
-apple ipod 15 gig 299$
-professional violin: 2500$

and that was just in the past year

stuff they got for me:

(in case you were wondering, the saxophone is school owned, it's not mine)


i don't even know if you care, but i feel better now.

thanks for the encouragement, fucking parents. :mfinger:


Soul Doubt
Man I feel the exact same way...

Sister gets : Digital Camera + whole computer package thingy... wts

I get : TV Tuner card... WTF... not even worth 20$ ... I wanted a GOOD VIDEO CARD WITH TV OUT but my mom is stupid and can't tell the difference between TV OUT and TV IN...

Now I can watch TV on my computer, isn't that grand? I mean, because, I couldn't just watch it with a better picture on my TV now could I?

Thats for birthdays btw... =\

Easter : Sister gets DDR
I get new mouse and keyboard...

FFS man... worst thing was my mom got her DDR for gamecube... Guess who owns the gamecube... Not me anymore! Not since my sister took it, just like she took my PS2 ... I try to take it back and my mom's like "Let her play her game" ... WTF

I'm editing a lot but i have a lot to add on this

I'm getting 80+'s but my mom wants to see me do better... You know what, she can go screw herself. My sister misses a ton of school and gets shit grades and guess what? No one seems to care!


Wow, that's patheic. I suggest you ask it from them, and if they don't do shit just take the money when you can find it. I get like Cs and Bs (mostly because I play the DS in class) and end up taking the money when I need it, as long as it ain't that much at a time.


I carry a 4.12, and I don't expect anything from my parents for my grades. Do it for yourself, not just to get shit you useless fucks.


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
Boycott said:
I don't expect stuff from grades, I expect stuff since they're my parents and I believe in Equity ^_^

Equity my ass. My dad bought my sister a new car when she got out of highschool. You know what he got me for my birthday that year? He sold MY car so he could pay for my sister's car.

Did I complain? No, I just wrecked his car.


Me Vs.
You know, your a guy so why is it so weird? Girls always get away easily.
In school, off school and practicly everywhere.