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Love Epic Part 1

A story exist in human history
but never written down.
Of the greatest love that never
again to be found
between human hearts.
But Muses guide me
through this story
botched by my foolish hands
too stupid to write a
tale beyond words.

"Man and woman be blessed,"
said God.
And from that day blessed
man and woman was.
Rang out this heavenly decree
through time and descendants
blessing ran free,
unbridled through landscapes of men.
But it was not
the nature of such wild love
to be unsought
by a man of true heart.
However beyond found
did this one want
love, but bound
did he wish it to be.
To bring to another
the entirety of blessings
at once, this one lover
now hated among all.
A name, seek the name
which forever
is to have blame
for the loss of love in men
For after creation spoke
his name
did this invoke
the love which transcended the word.


On the next one I will speak in less prose and actually tell the story. And for the grammar critics, yes, the rhyme scheme is broken in the first part, thus the "foolish hands" remark and yes, I used a double negative, haha.
The rhyme scheme isn't always that important. This has a decent amount of emotion, or at least it seems, it will.

This is a good beginning, I’m interested to find out how the story itself plays out. :thumbsup: