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Love Epic Part 3


With no way out
Ina pulled the hand.
And en route
followed in the man.
But the woman, in doubt
of Jeseum,
asked, with resolve stout,
"What could possibly make you
any different from
these souless men?
Just because you come
is not enough to content.
Where do you lay
your loyalties?
Are you a bird which may
flit through the trees?
Promising each one
and everlasting song
but one which is quickly sung
as the bird flies on.
Will I be your masterpeice
or merely painted canvas?
Please set my heart at ease
and tell me thus
That Ina is set
to your auricle.
And no other love wet
the appetite of your soul.
Lest leave at once
so you do not carry me
past reason with this bunce,
and I might keep sanity."
And Jeseum smiled,
touching his head against hers,
and said in a voice mild,
"I cannot repeat your words."