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Love Epic Part 4

"I cannot give you alone
love everlasting.
I cannot merely be your own,
infinity's child.
The universe is aged
and our lives are too short,
for me to be your caged
pet of desire.
Far too long you have
hoped this false dream.
Worshipping the golden calf
of your need.
Need to be with one
who loves you in return.
With one course to run,
back to you.
Such a blasphemy
from you who is
ready to love me,
presented with such proof."
Ina shattered her eyes
with such tears
frozen in the ice
of such cold words.
And she stood,
a statue named lithe
and holding as would
such a statue.
Collapsing from shame
of hoping,
Jeseum's arms came
and held her level.
"But allow me to finish,"
Jeseum beseeched,
"I cannot comply to your wish
and I will not be merely yours."

"I will be more."


Your getting good at this poem stuff. I like it, keep up the good work...
Truth is, I have been writing these each day you see them. I just didn't feel like bringing that point up. All I do is open up a new thread, and spend about an hour on it.