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Love Epic Part 5

"I will be your love
and your tragedy
for your heart will never know
more than me.
Your ignorance
will be a fault of mine.
How would you see
when I make you blind?
How can you hear
over the roar of my whispers?
You can not feel
past my fingers.
I will be your reason,
I will be your justification.
I will condemn you,
not become your salvation.
But this will not be
done to you alone.
I will never again
be my own.
You will trap me
With sweetest nectar.
Drawn like a desert
nomad to water.
Your curse
my blessing
of infatuation
without resting.
Symphonies of the stars
could not draw me
away from the
cruelest words of thee.
Rest assured, to you
alone rest my vows.
And depths of my amour
are in discourse to you now."

Yeah, I had a slight absence, had to register for college and got busy, but I'll work hard to finish it as soon as possible.