Love Letter to the Masses

better than you

It's true
(This is some of my early work... I kind've like it, kind've hate it.)

I'm writing a love letter to the masses
Looking for some sympathetic response
Find me some girl with fluttering eye lashes
Or not, after all that's just a nuance
She doesn't need to be all that pretty
Though I'd tell her she was everyday
She'd be more beautiful than anything to me
'cause she'd just be there, it'd be okay
I'm tired of hurting and weeping selfishly
Tired of aching for something I can't name
I used to smile for that one girl so easily
Used to be easy to laugh, to her it was a game
So this love letter to the masses I'm writing
It's a hungry affair, a shout for something I once had
But I gave my heart to lies quite knowingly
Didn't know when it was over it would hurt so bad
So I'm penning down this letter, sending it to all
Write back to me soon my lover, whoever you are
Give me my reply, make me again laugh and smile
Lick the stamp, nervously scratch down the postmark
A copy to everyone, my good mailman, find me a girl
So finally I can run into the open arms of anyone
Because the one I used to have, she was my world
But lies are love's poison, to me she's dead and gone
I'm writing this love letter to any who'll have it
In hopes there's someone out there like me at home
Who'll take this to heart and won't laugh even one bit
Write me back, we'll be together so we're not alone


no piggy no!!!
I like it a lot. We've all been there, heartache hurts- you expressed it well and I really like the idea of writing a "love letter to the masses". it's beautiful, I hope you find someone that appreciates your writing ability as well as everything else you are looking for.

better than you

It's true
Heh, thanks. I do have somebody now, so no worries there. That little piece was just the aftermath of the first time I'd felt like I was in love. Stinks when it's over, heartache is indeed a bitch. Makes for inspiration though.