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Have you ever truley loved?
Have you ever wanted to rope the moon and the stars for someone?
Have you ever wanted to give all you can for a persons love?
Have you ever got queezey over someones touch?
i have seen forever in someones eyes
i have wanted to give everything to one man
i have felt my heart skip for him
i have wanted him to feel me
i've wanted him to see my soul
i've wanted him to see forever in my eyes
i've wanted him to feel the same for me as i felt for him
though the miles divided us
though time has forgot
i will give all that i am too him
i will sacrifice all i can
i will give my heart and soul
i will do what i can
he will love me as i love him
he will feel as i do for him
he will sacrifice as i do
and we will find forever in eachothers arms
we will offer the world to eachother
we will we will give the moon and stars
we will die together

Good job, nymph!

I'd rep you, but I already did once today so I can't.
Very impressive, Nymph. Heart-felt, and emotion stuff. The flow is nice and smooth, from Have you, to I have, to I will, he will, we will. A few minor mistakes, but nothing to obvious. Good job.

Hope to see more. :thumbsup:
thanx all, i'm no writter, i just feel a need to do it from time to time. i try to do poetry, although i never know if it is or isen't. glad you all enjoyed it, it is one of my happier poems. mine are usually dark, so don't get used to happy ones :rolleyes: