Make my bad day


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I am really tired because I've been up all night comforting my friend (for the 500th time this month), because her boyfriend broke up with her a month ago and he just fooled around with someone else. She refuses to realise that she's better off without him, and she cries ALL THE TIME! And frankly, I'm sick of it. So, I wake up at app. 9 o' clock, hungover and I have an appointment with a friend in half an hour! And so I run home and get the hell out of there, actually feeling kind of good after having slept only 4 hours and being hungover. I realise after some time that my bottle of water has sprung a leak in my bag and my cellphone is more dead than kenny on a good day. I'm leaving the country in 3 days and I have to spend 200 dollars on a new phone! In addition, the guy I'm so infatuated with, but was getting over... well, everyone seems to think there's something going on between us, and I hate this because I seem to be the only one knowing that there isn't! And I hate this fucking day! Stupid, damned day of Satan! Fuck, fuck, fuck! And I really want to yell him because, well, he's an asshole (and he isn't even my asshole). Fuck off, world!


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that kinda really sucks.

my advice to you:

1) drink more water (try to get 64oz, but 48oz should be enough. this habit is very hard to work up but will do wonders for your physical condition), take a multivitamin along with a vitamin C boost and a balanced B-50 boost, daily. this will both help you sleep better and will help you get more restful sleep even when you're not getting enough sleep. also, this combination helps you not really ever get hung over. cut back on the alcohol ;]

2) find a way to be busier so you have less time to waste comforting friends who won't be comforted; don't adopt their drama as your own. if you're busier, not only will you have less time to give a shit what people think about your expired infatuation with that guy, you'll have less time to think about it too. it will go away.

i hate people, so i try to avoid them. :D


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Tell your friend a white lie. For your sake. Say that you were about to leave for the store and you can't talk right now. Give them a approximate time to be back, ex. 45 minutes, and if you still don't want to deal with it then, don't pick up the phone.


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i know what its like to have to put up with some whiny bastard all the time, i recommond stop talking to them thats what i did and i feel better for it



You poor thing. Here's my advice.

1) Take a deep breath and walk into your room
2) Scream "fuck the fucking world!" as loud as you possibly can
3) Disconnect your phones
4) Cancel any plans you've had this evening.
5) Pop a couple of Tylenol P.M.'s and go back to bed! The tylenol will take care of the hungover achyness and lack of sleep.
6) Get up tomorrow morning and take on the world. And tell your little "oh pity me" friend to get the fuck over it and to go get laid by a kick ass guy.

Hope this helps! lol


Hella Constipated

Those are definitely good plans. In my neighborhood (Dix Hills, Long Island) we refer to these kind of people as JAPS (Jewish American Princesses) even though they are not Jewish. The funny thing is, the word here doesn't even carry the Jewish connotation. There are Hindu Japs, Muslim Japs, Christian Japs, and Jewish Japs, so many spoiled, pathetic, semi-retarded people who can't get over the smallest thing. What I would do if I were you? Tell her to go fuck herself, and that you don't need friends like her. Tell her the man was a lousy fuck, and then go and tell her that she is pissing you off will all this moaning.


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