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Man I'm so sad


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I can't get a girlfriend and I feel really bad for myself. Tell me something i cn do to get a girl or i'll go crazy! PLZ help! :eek:
It is true. You should be sad..


lol no I'm kidding. Listen to me very carefully now. Just go up to the girl you like[I'm sure theres someone] and just start to talk to her. But make sure she isn't around any of her friends, they just ruin things. Be straight out, tell her that your eyes spotted her and that you feelin somethin about her. Get into a conversation, ask her a little about herself, you know? By now she obviously should know you like her[if not then she's a stupid bitch]Finally, don't be a pussy, ask her for her number. If she gives it to you, then it's all good. Call her up and shit..If she doesn't, then don't be discouraged. There are more fish in the sea.

Don't be shy. It won't get you anything except the classification as 'cute'.

"Oh he's got a crush on me? He's so cute."

^ Fuck you, bitch.

Anyway, my techniques will get you pussy in no time. That is - if you do it correctly.


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Alrighty, If you are worried about girls heres are some tips...

1. Most girls(or the ones that i know) actually like confidence so work on that a bit but PLEASE dont mistaken confidence for being cocky.

2. You actually need to be interested in the girl's personality besides just fucking her. If you want a girlfriend that is...not a fuck buddy.

3. Anthony is right, dont be afraid to talk to her but dont freak her out by being overly into her right off the back. Give it a bit of time to get to know her before you ask for her number. I say maybe a couple of days of striking up conversation. Once you get to know her a bit ask for her number. If you get her number dont be chicken shit (once again confidence) and not call her cuz if you dont you will seem hypocritical. Talk to her on the phone get to know her a bit more... then a date. Dont make it seem like wam bam thank you mam.

there is a girls point of view...


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Echo24 said:
well, yeah, kind of. but also i just don't want an STD or a son or daughter yet.
also.... when you find someone you really care about, and really love and really know....

it will be a 100 times better then anything else.
Yep girls are bitches. There is the occasional girl who you'll find that happens to fit your perspective of 'perfect'..but then after adapting to your surrondings, fucks around.




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dont get a girl exactly like you they dont shut up and it gets annoying they dont stop calling, talking, or askin for a date :mad: :mfinger: . anyway i have techniques for u my friend. If you want a girl that has a boyfriend already listen up. this is how i got mine :) you have to always make her feel special and always listen to her. look into her eyes when u tlak to her too. make her feel more special then when her b/f does. and make sumthin big ;) bound to no more but cant think now.

Btw dont get caught with drugs and i had another thing in mnid but i lost it...damn.. keep reminding me im bound to remember..gL man later :mfinger: