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mass pillowfight in toronto tomorrow.


Banned - What an Asshat!
this looks great fun, hope it starts happening near me..
Pillow-fight mob in Toronto's Dundas Square this Sunday, 2PM

This Sunday at 2PM, Toronto will host a giant public pillow-fight at Dundas Square. This is modelled after London's recent flash-mob/pillow-fight.

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]dundas square, toronto[/FONT]

Feathers fly and teddies soar as you converge on Dundas Square for a giant urban pillow fight! Swing and whack as you evade pillow-wielding assailants. Join us for this London-style silliness: bring a soft pillow to the middle of the square at 2 PM and wait for the signal. Pillow fight!
Disclaimer: As with all things, participating in a pillow fight is risky. By bringing a pillow, you accept that despite our best efforts, you may get hurt. Newmindspace is not responsible for the actions of individuals.

Subway: Dundas.

Check out the pictures from London.

Soft pillows only! Do not hit anyone who does not have a pillow. Do not hit people who are holding cameras. Swing lightly, there will be many people swinging at once! Remove expensive glasses beforehand. Extra pillows may come in handy. Feather pillows are even more fun. Do not begin until the signal (a referee whistle.) Forward this to fun people!

Pyjamas optional.


meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
That's awesome... I wish I could go to one!
Too bad I missed it in London..


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I will try to get one started at my school... that sounds awesome...