Massive Fight, Part Deus, I mean, Deux

Captain 151

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If you may recall, a few months a posted a topic about a massive brawl that occured down at the local frat house. We'll I've got another nice one to tell you all about.

I was minding my own business, drinking a beer and talking to three lovely ladies, who said they were from Binghamton... when I heard a few guys arguing over by the poisonous sycamore tree. I head on over to see what was the matter.

There were 2 of my brothers, trying to get a kid in a gray hoodie to leave. He was clearly and obviously beligerantly drunk, and kept saying, "ok, ok, I'll leave, I'll leave." but of course, didn't move. One of my frat brothers, travis, grabbed him by the arm and said, "Let's go, NOW." Well, the drunk didn't take to kindly to it, and swung at travis. No punches landed.

Me and my other frat bro, Jay, jump in and hold the kid in the hoodie back, everyone has made their way over to us by now. I look this kid straight in the face and tell him, "You have to leave now," and I'm about to walk him to the door, and he spits in my face. I yell, "what the fuck!" and punch him in the face.

Now, travis has jumped on one his buddies, and is beating the shit out of him, Jay has another kid, and I'm fighting this beligerantly drunk asshole. Now, I'm not entirely sober either, so a drunk fighting a drunk is always entertaining. I hit him a good 5 or 6 times stright across the face before he jumped on me and tackled me to the ground. Of course, being a frat house, the ground is littered with shards of glass, everywhere. He punches me a few times before one of my brothers, i dunno who, throws him off me. I watch him as he fucking kicks this drunk kid across the face, and the drunk is out for the count.

I get up and dust myself off. I don't feel the cuts I've got or punches I've taken because I'm drunk as fuck.

Anyway, needless to say, I went home with a girl, spent the whole night having sex in my bed... she left about 2 hours ago. I got into the shower, and EVERYTHING stung. I looked at my body and there are a gajillion cuts all over, a huge one on my temple, and i picked a shard of glass out of my calf. Oh man, that hurt so bad.

The End.

teh anarchist

I need to learn how to fight... but that's another topic ... sucks about all the cuts n stuff, at least you've got some loyal brothers in your frat to give a hand when it's needed. Goodluck if (a.k.a. when) you have your next brawl.


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tb you are messing that pretty little face of yours up w/ all your drunken fighting incidents! (that's why us gurls don't fight as much; that and we're afraid of getting our hair all messed up.)

and btw an innocent man never starts his story w/, "I was minding my own business, drinking a beer...", everyone knows this is impossilbe. ;-))


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gurlgonewild said:
(that's why us gurls don't fight as much; that and we're afraid of getting our hair all messed up.)

You have no idea. Around here, girls fight constantly, and they fight dirty. It's scary. Girls pull hair, they scratch, they play rough. People get hurt when girls fight. When guys fight, it's just punches.


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That was awesome...What a great fucking read :thumbsup:.

The hoodie kid made the ENTIRE story...I can just imagine a wigger or an emo kid getting the crap kicked out of them :).



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jamesp said:
maybe for someone that has never and will never get laid...:thumbsdn:
in a drunken state.......nvm i lied...i got laid when i was drunk....when i was sober.......when i was in a relationship....shit i admit i even went down to a whore house with my friends back in the day.....