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Massive Fight

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Last night, I was drinking down at the local frat house (which is basically what I do every night) when outside, I heard such a clatter!

I walked outside to see one of my brothers, Travis, throwing huge right hooks to the head of some random guy. Whoa!

So of course, I jump in there and try to break them up. I don't want some guy dead on my driveway. The random guy says he's a "TEKE" (which means he's a brother of another fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and their house is directly across the street from ours).

The strange part about this whole thing is that we are pretty good friends with the TEKE's, so when this big fuckin jacked up black guy comes out of the house rolling 10 guys deep, I'm like, ohhhhhh shit.

By this time, our whole frat had come outside. (And we're drunk as shit). The black guy starts screaming, "Mother fuckers, I own this fucking block. You wanna start shit? Lets go."

One of my brothers, Riley, yells, "You don't own shit!" And come's flying at him with a punch in the jaw. Then of course, everybody jumps in. Some people maintaining a sense of dignity, trying to stop people from fighting. Many of my good friends are TEKE's, so I'm trying to stop the fight.

It starts to die down, and a long haired bastard who I've never seen before, comes up to me. I stop him. He says, "I just want to apologize to Travis." I say, "That's fine" and let him through.

Travis extends his hand, and this long haired bastard sucker punches him twice in the face. OH, that did it. I jump in there and start punching the shit out of this kid, and so is Travis.

Tom, a TEKE and one of my friends, pulls me off and I calm down. He tells me that it's alumni weekend for the TEKE's and that back in the day, some of the alumni used to fight with our alumni all the time. I just shrug because I am still steaming at that long haird bastard.

Finally everyone starts to retreat to their houses, while me, Travis, Evan, and Riley are still yelling trash from our deck, and 2 old guys and the black guy are still yelling from theirs across the street.

The black guy yells, "We'll see how tough you mother fuckers are when I come to your house at 7 in the morning tomarrow with a fucking gun. I have a permit for one, you're all fucking dead."

Riley yelled something back at him, but I'd gone inside at that point. I stayed with one of our drunk pledges who was throwing up in a garbage can, but I left about an hour after that.

Fucked up night, huh? Anybody else ever get into a huge fight like that?
Sounds like they were just a bunch or drunken assholes, except for tom.

I've been there before. I party with some of my friends at a frat house. Not much drama most of the time. Yet, a few weeks ago a similar incident took place. Damn that Jack Daniels.....Damn him to hell!


Banned - What an Asshat!
The black guy yells, "We'll see how tough you mother fuckers are when I come to your house at 7 in the morning tomarrow with a fucking gun. I have a permit for one, you're all fucking dead."

Thats what all the bad asses say!

I got a permit!

what a fag.


Click click boom
i cant stand guns nowadays. people who use them are fucking pussies. if you really want someone dead, just fucking beat the living piss out of them.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
Ha! See this is what I'm talking about. Nobody uses words to work out any differences anymore.

*presses the Launch Nuke button towards*


The Iron Lung
Have you ever smoked yourself into kind of a after two days straight. Normally my high is really prounounced...but now I just feel kinda out of it. I quit.

10 stars

Enraged before the storm
Yeah. At a mall in my town which i happen to go to alot.
Some kids decided that they wanted to start a fight with me while i was by myself, needless to say im normally not by myself, i have a lot of enemies.
well it was about 20 kids followin me around tryin to start shit.
i decided to take a piss, thinking that the worse that could happen was me beating the piss out of them one by one as they enter the bathrooom.
i walked in and turned around immediatly, and i heard nothing outside the door and noone walked in.About 1 minute later i decided, fuck it, ill take a piss.
I took a piss and i heard something hit the bathroom door, i realized noone had entered. I zipped up my pants and swung the bathroom door open, i had seen my good friend brandon holding one of the kids following me up by his throat.
Brandon looked at me and laughed, dropping the kid.
I knelt down beside him and asked where his buddies went.The kid was barely consious and had murmered "outside, were gunna fuck you up".
i laughed at him and me and brandon went outside.
At the time it was still 19:2 obviously with them on top number wise.
Once outside they had approached us and swung at brandon, brandon ducked and nailed the kid in his stomache, dropping him.
The second kid was a medium build white kid he swung at me and i dipped it and his fist landed into a brick wall, all i saw was blood streaming off his nuckles, needless to say he wasnt hitting me anytime soon so i punched him in the throat, he fell.
At this point all the kids decided to surround us.
I thought me and brandon were in for a real ass beating, when buddy and 30 other kids jumped out of 5 cars and surrounded the group surrounding us.
After that we beat every one of them sensless and i ended up headbutting someone for the first time in my life.
But yeah, there were alot of kids there.
It had turned out that brandon had told them he wanted to fight them at the mall.Of course they showed up before everyone else, so i was the first target.
Ad its also the reason everyone else was there in time.
But yeah, that was probly the worse fight ive ever been in, had a couple bruises, but besides that i was fine.
The next day i went to the mall with buddy and matt.
Two of the kids we fucked up were in the arcade, once they saw us they left the mall.
They havent opened their mouth since that night, and i wouldnt either if i were in their shoes.
In some little quiet suburb, one of the little punks there had started shit with a shitload of other kids.(Derek) He was only 17 or 18, and the rest of the kids were maybe freshman, with a few older, big built looking motherfuckers.

He came to the house where I was, with another friend (Josh) huffin and puffin about the "drama". Then his brother calls him telling him all these kids are at his house, so Derek decides to get even more huffity puffity, and heads up to his house. Me and a few other dudes follow him up there just in case, and before we get to Dereks house, I see about 6 cars driveby, and someone yells "there goes that ***** right now!" Then I hear about 20 car doors slam, and alot of thudding. There was about 20 or 30 kids running up the street yelling at this dude Derek saying, "One on one, one on one!!!"

Derek runs off, and that dude Josh runs up to where Derek was standing, and starts screaming, "what bitch, what bitch?!? and pulls out a fucking hammer. All of these kids start running at him, and the biggest ones begin the pummeling on his face. I didn't know what the fuck to do, except try to get people off of him, while I'm getting swung at as well. It was about 20 on 2 while the rest of our "friends" ran off.

The cops came, Josh runs off bleeding(his face was tore up), and I end up having to talk to the cops while all the other kids that started the shit had already taken off.

It turns out that the biggest fattest kid possible had gotten his stomach sliced open with a hammer, the few I had swung at while trying to pull the rest off of Josh had either a broken nose, or teeth missing. (one I kept, as a momento)

It was nuts. I maybe had one or two bruises, on my arm or my shoulder. No one even got a face shot. The rest of the guys we were with had ran off to later be called pussies.

Derek Beasley is a fucking pussy.

Captain 151

Seeped in a dry Merlot
yea.. there aint nothing like a fight between 20 or more people to spark up an evening. I can anticipate the next fight. It's definately going to be between us and the Sig Nus. They live across the street, slightly down, (next to the TEKES) and there's been tension since last semester. I can feel its going to happen... and this time I'm definately going in swinging. Im friends with the TEKES but I hate the goddamn Sig Nus. I'll keep ya noted.