May 22


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
The sound of children playing
Reminds me of my younger days
Or lack thereof
And how I used to run away
While pleading to the God above
I asked the right questions
So I thought
But still getting no answer
Still I'm getting no nearer
But the sky's getting clearer
I always thought
That it would happen with a beam of light
Supreme insight would guide me
Through the moral bankrupt land of night
The clouds would part
Revealing God, dispelling my shadow
Eliminating guilt and fault and
thought when things go wrong,
I'd tag along,
A vagabond
At last I'd feel that I belong
I'd sing a song
Of faith and truth
And skip from here to Babylon

The sky stayed dark over my head
The thunder sound filled me with dread
I broke my bread with living dead
And shred the thread that my life tread,
I liked instead
The cheap thrills hiding behind the shed
My heart grew cold as lead,
Each night I stumbled off to bed,
A heavy head, my mind lighter than air
A reasonable explanation
For why I got so high back there
Escaping me in conversation
Deadly combination
Seems to plague my generation
Hesitation and temptation
Artificial insemination
Spontaneous annihilation
Seems the story of my life
As all that's good should fade
The end result
Is a world against Smythe

A work in progress.


That is really good. I like it... it makes me think, and I like the words you use... you ovbiously have a good vocabulary! :) Insightful!