Maybe I'll Just Lay Here

better than you

It's true
Maybe I'll just lay here
and I can watch the clouds go by
forget all my cares and worries
quit the world, slump down and die

But no!

There's family friends, laughter and life
Good times to be had to cancel out the strife
under the knife
black eyes given by thoughts and realizations
long tired nights dimmed black by consternation
can't see the stars past the constellations

But no!

There's love, look, over here watch it sing and dance
but that's a tired shit pile of lies you find on advancing
dancing, frolicking and prancing among worthless fealty
realty, stock brokers and marriages without reasons
only looking to please someone else if you can't be happy

fuck that, sadly no

Oh, here it comes again, another love, another lie
you think as it begins

But no!

Real this time, so it seems
and so it is
it's not a dream
to live or not to live
what a silly question
take what you can
but always give