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Me fail English? That's unpossible.


Hella Constipated
As a testament to this, check out perfect GRAMR and SPELING here.

I mean, this guy, Mr. Breig, was a total retard. We actually learned about English maybe twenty days out of the year. The rest was spent writing "practice essays" that nobody really did. I mean, I can pull an essay out of my ass and get an "A," which is what I do all the time. But I don't like writing the same essay about "Things Fall Apart" five plus times.

Neither did anyone else - my friend Uzman, who is a straight "A" student, was planning elaborate pranks on this bastard - as well as our Science teacher, Mr. Sydlansky. Coincidentally we both got shitty grades in our two best subjects.

By the end of the year nobody did a damn thing in this guy's class. He couldn't control the students, either. I'm most likely the best writer in my grade, and as of now our district is freaking out because the Freshmen and Sophomores of last year couldn't really write at all. I'm clearly more skilled than them because I found out what it was - English teachers here don't hand back enough corrected work. Mr. Breig handed out nothing - one essay from the first school day's homework uncorrected - that's it. Not that I need to know where I fucked up, because it would be petty typos I was too lazy to correct, but the other students really needed it.

He got fired after just one year teaching here, so I'm going to round up my fellow BreigMates and appeal to the board of education, but this is totally fucking ridiculous. I never even knew what my grades were on anything in his class. The lack of communication is so bad it could make a deaf and dumb person with down syndrome cry.


standard people-hater
Good luck! Come after my 10th grade English teacher next. John Kreutzfeldt. Gave me the worst english grades EVER.
I looved my english teacher for my 11th and 12th grades (I had the same teacher both years) he was bad ass, nothing but notes in his class and wed get a grade on that, fridays we got to play a trivia game an learn grammar errors by doing that as well as vocabulary etc. We didn't write too many essays and if we did he gave us outlines to follow for the type of essay we chose. it was rather awesom we never really did much work. (he was also a pot head, rock singer)