Meaningful music (mm thread)


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You've just gotta get an account on Spotify to be blown away by the sheer choice of music out there. With so much on offer, it's difficult to come to an objective standpoint on favourites as its ultimately a subjective experience. So rather than a pointless thread listing songs/tunes you like based on "top rated", sling up a fav that resonates with you and let us know why (however embarrassing).

So talking of embarrassing, I loved (notice the "ed" at the of "love") skater boy, avril levign as I thought she was fit (being a pubescent skalliwag at the time.) I loved leftism, left field, because my sister had it on cassette and I used to steal it then head up in to the loft to listen on her stereo on full blast as a kid. I loved gnarls barkley after spending a night with a mates friend singing it it at a 1000bB having never met them before. Music unites! Tell your favs, even if its sad. Got plenty of tunes that got me through some propper shit times!
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Spotify? Constantly paying for subscriptions? Needing an internet connection? Heck No!

I am old school ... I have thousands of audio CDs (too many to count) ... but I am also new school ... Instead of listening to my CDs with a CD player, I make exact, digital copies of them which are stored uncompressed on a 2 TB solid state drive. I play my music with a custom jukebox application that has a database of all of the artist and song names. I have the old school CD quality sound (not some lossy compression) combined with the new school convenience of thousands of songs just a few mouse clicks away, plus I own the copies of the songs outright.

Anyway, I am a gen-Xer, so most of my favorite songs are from the 1980s and 1990s. I already own copies of most of the songs I will ever want to have. I must be getting old, because I do not care for most the new music these days where it seems like all of the singing is auto-tuned and the music is computer generated.
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