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ha, this is actually old... happened to me when I was 7.

I was swinging on the Tire swing, my mom's boyfriend was pushing me on it. And I was going pretty damn high. And my dog was chasing it back and forth, jumping up and trying to bite it. I told him to push me into the woods, because I was stupid when i was young and found excitement out of it (and he was drunk enough to listen to me). and i tree branch or pricker or something ended up riping the whole bottom part from under my knee. Right where it bends. I screamed bloody murder and so my mom's boyfriend brought me inside. It was so wierd it was like a whole chunk out of my leg gone. And it didnt bleed a whole lot, It was like it was too deep to bleed like crazy, maybe the major blood loss happened when I was swinging? maybe. But when I looked at it it was so funny looking, it reminded me of Spagettios, Because the chuncks of meat seriously looked like Meatballs. ha.

so i ended up getting stitches. I pissed my pants when they started cuz it hurt so bad. Sounds fun, eh?


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fun fun fun. that blows, though. as a guy, that title scared the hell outta me.


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never got hurt like that but i did try to do a long jump on my bike as a kid, and the bike dropped forward too much and before I knew it i was sliding face down on the ground with the bike being dragged on my leg. tore my knee up good.. covered in blood and lead to a big ugly scab, about 3 inches acrossed... as it healed i picked the surface off the scab and it looked a bit like cooked hamburger meat...


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Eastside said:
fun fun fun. that blows, though. as a guy, that title scared the hell outta me.
i hear ya dude....i had to think twice to click on this thread...whew