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That Guy
here's something i wrote on the spot... not preplanned or anything, so it's really gonna suck.

First comes love, then comes pain,
It was like a sparkling rain.
Now it's gone and i am here,
Stripped of everything i held dear.
This pain won't seem to go away,
I must live with it day by day.
It was the best feeling i ever had,
It gave me joy, it made me glad.
I must move on, hard as that may be,
There is nothing left for me.
The pain i feel will not subside,
It's rooted in me, deep inside.

bleh. i feel shitty.


Pig Tails and a Shotgun
I like this, i like the way you expressed your emotion, mostly, i just like the frist line. it's good to write down one's emotions so they don't build up and eat you alive. My answer, don't feel shity anymore


No Title Needed
I thought that was pretty good. I generally like stuff better when it comes from the heart, and not thought up over a long period of time.

angel dust

Your better than that.

Dude, I don't know ur story, but what little I do know about u is that ur a sensitive guy. I don't know how long u knew her or anything like that, but u'll find someone who really deserves u. Just keep that in mind. God has a plan for everyone and she just wasn't in it. Keep ur chin up so that the ladies can look into ur sweet soul. (The eyes are the window to the soul, so if they can't see them, how will they see how wonderful u are?) Anyway, u'll survive and be stronger for it. :adore: God Bless!