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For Fun Member Videos [2015-]

Since some of us here like to post video clips of ourselves and our lives. It was suggested that maybe a video thread would be fun. So, i looked through my videos, and they are either boring, or too long. So I am posting this ad video I made for youtube about a new jewelry design. I recomend that this thread be dedicated to videos of you, things you did, or members of your family and feinds, or things they did. like Shans roller derby vids or janers singing.. I hope we have a lot of fun with this.


Ok, I'll go. First, a news program out of Boston recently did a series about my little slice of paradise. Maybe this will inspire some of you to visit. I'm not in the video, but I know pretty much everybody who is, and our beaches are even more awesome in real life. I don't know if there's a way to embed this video, so I'll just put a link.
There's links below the video to several other segments, just look for the ones that say Vieques.

Secondly, here's a pretty good video of me and the band Jamming out some blues. Unfortunately, I don't have any good ones with Cisco(R.I.P.) in them, but somebody took a lot of video last friday, so I'm sure they will be uploaded soon, at which point I will post some more here.


Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
I was about to ask if you had any good videos of Cisco to post.
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OH WOW! I just followed the first jam and saw another video of you and the guys @steelasp. Pretty damn good! I Think I showed this one somwhere else, but it is pretty funny, mostly at the end.
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Always black

I'm white 129. Apparently I was enough of a nuisance to earn MVP cuz their jammers had a tough time getting away from me. I can't wait to get the disc and see the whole game.
I didn't see this before.
I could never go to a watch a match if you or someone I know is playing, I would be yelling all the time - BEAT THAT BITCH TO THE GROUND! SMASH HER FUCKING FACE BUT DON'T LET THE CUNT THROUGH! STOP GANKING ON HER FUCKERS! THIS IS BULLSHIT! KILL THEM! BEAT THE FUUUCKS!

Seriously, I can't. I'm cool in football (soccer) matches but anything that is explicitly physical, nah, I just lose it.