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message to ass kissing motherfuckers!

lady victoria

Too old for this shit!
I have been in my job for 4 years and have worked my fucking ass off you get where I am, what really fucks me right off, is the "kiss asses", yes you know who you are ! The fucking wankers who run to the boss when there a bit of gossip or when you find out that someones been slacking, you as kissing mother fuckers. These are the people that have something to say about anyone, or just make shit up. Well news for you sad little shits, it wont get you anywhere except unemployed, or on the wrong end someone like me ! hahahahah. I never got where I am by kissing as, no, i got it by doing the exact opposite, they are too fucking scared not to give me what I want, why the fuck should they give you anything, you are already there lap dog. Well I hvae had the last fucking laugh, I have just sacked the fuckers who tried that shit on me three fucking years ago, so kiss my ass. hahahahahaha :mfinger:

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
lady victoria said:
Well news for you sad little shits, it wont get you anywhere
actually it will get me a raise, a promotion, and you fired.

just kidding. i know the type of person you're talking about and they're a sad brand of people. unfortunately that's waht it takes sometimes to get ahead.


Fresh Meat
I know what you mean, i got fired because of an asskisser. I worked at a fucking EB Games, and some guy told my boss i was playing videogames more than working, which was a big fucking lie. When i came to work the next day i was fired on the spot.