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Messenger Fuck-nobs


Drummer Pride!!!
I am so fkn sick of random people with nothin better to do than add you to their contact list. U say know but then they geht their freinds to add you, and their freinds, ect. IT PISS' ME OFF, and the worstn thing is, when u finnaly agree to add them (to tell em where to put it), They go "U added me!"

FKN HELL!!!! or even worse,

You > "Why did u add me, wtf do u want from me!!!"

Them > "I dunno"

N e one else out their feel my pain!?

meh_it_all Sexy Pimp-ette.
Or, the classic one when they lie to you about adding you. When It's blatent that they did.

Me - Why did you add me?
Them - wat r u talking boot u added me.



I've got a few n00bs that have added me. It doesn't bother me that much though.
i don't add many people, so the ones i have should feel special :happysad: and i usually tell people that as well. and i don't go places where lots of people will want to add me. IRL my friends don't talk on computers, i'm the only nerd :rolleyes: so i got no worries there. but i hear ya big guy! it can be annoying, just take some deep breaths and delete you contact list then say HA take that fuckers! :p