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MGTOW Men Going Their Own Way


A few years after scrambling onto the Information SuperHighway in 1995 I noticed mention of MGTOW. No set definition of the term and no list of rules or precepts. Mostly general discussion among dudes about various topics such as double-standards and divorce attorneys and courts and every gripe imaginable. General agreement on some issues with wide variations of beliefs on other topics.

Some MGTOW adherents advise avoiding dames as much as possible with others stating fellows with the urge should bed the wenches as often as possible and to dump the wench and find a new one right away. General agreement to never ever impregnate a dame unless you really truly want and desire a vile spawn of your own. Urgent warnings to never get a broad pregnant are commonplace.

MGTOW has grown immensely as evidenced by the number of Web sites devoted to the topic. Web sites geared towards the Precious Princesses are very vociferous in their emotion-laden illogical and irrational attacks against all that is MGTOW. Basically, dames being dames and continuously proving to all rational folks that the 19th amendment was a horrible mistake and needs to be repealed so as to save the Founder's creation.

As I became aware of and learned about MGTOW I thought back to when I first clambered aboard the MGTOW bandwagon. It was back in the mid-19603 LONG before the term MGTOW was created and long before my personal belief entered the mainstream. Back in those days before the onslaught of hard-core feminism began polluting society I looked around my suburban neighborhood at the lives of neighbors and the family situation in general and looked at my own family. After much thought I determined that marriage is an institution not conducive to happiness for the free-thinking person. And having children had more negatives than positives. I determined at the age of ten that marriage was a dead end and not for me. That was in the days when marriage was the norm and folks marries young, compared to today and my belief was well outside mainstream thought.

As the years then decades passed my conviction became stronger and others in growing numbers began adopting my belief. Thus, perhaps, I may be the original creator of the MGTOW system though later adopters were the ones who performed the minor functionary tasks of naming the belief system and other mundane tasks.

So, girls, if you are required to adopt a cat for mammalian companionship because the dudes are ignoring you feel free to blame me for your predicament.
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stomping through the forest like a tiny dinosaurus
Ah yeah, I see the pesky suffragettes causing trouble again? It seems your brain hasn’t been updated since you where ten or you dream about the era when women dames knew their place as subordinate wifes and breeders.

Now, everyone has a right to their own thoughts, but I just cannot accept a group or organization that spends so much time hating and making rules about how others that are not in their group should behave. That just reeks “mommy didn’t love me enough!” She was probably in a haze of alcohol and pills to come to terms of the reality that her son was becoming his father and she couldn’t just accept that reality.

Also, groups that yell out “IM DOING FINE WITHOUT DAMES, LOOK AT MY PROOF”, just goes to show how much you miss physical contact(sexual or just close contact), are afraid of rejection (therefore enforcing a “rule” about pump and dump) and an all around miserable person.

You know, you can be without marriage and kids yet have a healthy relationship.