Microsoft Announces Windows 11!

Ryan McAury

Well, it's like I said, bullshit. I bought some nice games. Worked for a while.. On Windows. When there was a new Windows on a new PC, it was over. Not 1 time, but several times. Can't play them anymore.
Then there are the things like scanners and printers. Now PC or Laptop.. 3 year old printer and scanner out of action.
Micro$oft sucks.
What do you expect in a capitalist world where bright ideas are bought by big companies, to be taken off the market?
We buy new hardware again and again, to buy new and bigger software again and again, because the newer hardware needs new software and more memory capacity over and over again. 1000 games based on the same idea, working as cash cows for dark companies on some island...
You don't have to have much fantasy to think of the drug scene investing money in the software industry for money laundering.
Yes, learn scripts and IT, only to work for the mob.


The Original Fuck You Bomb
What makes me even angier is the fact that someoine comes along and makes something better, then big joe company buys it out and buries the product, or entails it into thier own product therefore mucking everything up even worse.